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  1. F

    NSW I bought a used car, the description was false... Do I have any hope?

    I bought a car from a Sydney motor dealer. Bought it on eBay. I live in Canberra and it is not practical for me to keep rushing to Sydney to view or to pay hundreds of dollars for a professional inspection, that is why I bought from a dealer. The car is 35 years old, good solid country car...
  2. M

    VIC Car was broken in under 24 hour. Purchased from private seller.

    My bmw 2000 e46i started smoking from the glove box, I smelt something burning prior to seeing the smoke however I wasn’t sure if it was just from outside. After, the smoke the windows opened automatically and the car doors locked me in. So I was stuck inside with the smoke. I managed to get out...
  3. B

    QLD Ex has a car that I have a loan for

    I’ve split from my ex, and whilst we were together I bought him a car under my name. I got it in a personal loan, which was mistake number one. Secondly is he got it registered in his name. only thing I have showing proof is a tax invoice from the man I bought it from which is written to me. I...
  4. Nugget1308

    VIC Leaking Car

    I bought a jeep 09 from a car sales place about maybe over a month ago 4/5 days after having it I noticed it was leaking inside I took photos and let them know I took it in as there were a few other things wrong with it anyway they told me that they fixed the problem but a few days later it...
  5. F


    Hey, so I had someone stay with me for a few months, and they moved out in Feb 2020 - but left their car behind - which was okay to begin with, but then we stopped talking and I have asked them to move the car as I need the space in the garage now, the last I heard was in May that the car would...
  6. Shahn

    Lemon Car

    I recently brought a car 31 days ago and it's just stopped working. It needs a new gear box and transmission. The mechanic has said this would have been there when the guy sold it to me. I asked if there was any problems he said no. Also the guy I was dealing with only told me about 30 minutes...
  7. R

    NSW Private car sale with fake service log book

    Hi, I have recently bought a car from a private seller. The car seems to be in great conditional so far, however, the log book seems to be completely made up as it is not matching to any of the original Toyota service history records. I found the original service history while creating Toyota...
  8. L

    NSW Tree fell on my car. What insurance should cover it?

    Hi, I’ve been renting current house for 2 years and last month a huge gumtree in front yard fell on the house and my car. The car, a 2008 Toyota Prado, ended up with dents all over the bonnet (like large hail stones) and on one panel between the window and windscreen. Although I haven’t got my...
  9. W

    ACT Deceitful/Fraudulent practices in a private interstate car practice.

    Hello all, my first time posting on this forum and it’s quite a complicated issue. Any advice would be appreciated. Background: We live in the ACT and we purchased a 40 year old car from a private seller in Sydney. Our biggest concern was rust and other damages concerning the age of the car. We...
  10. Sarahgoddard1

    NSW Used car from dealership - faulty

    I bought a car from a used car dealership about 3 weeks ago. Since then the car has flooded inside numerous times, the gears do not work smoothly and the left speaker has stopped working. I have contacted the dealership and gone back twice now to get it fixed. Apparently they have fixed it but...