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  1. Mj2020

    NSW Defected car after buying from a car yard

    Hi, just have a question about a defected car. We brought from Ozzy car dealer a few months ago. Today my husband was defected for a number of issues regarding the engerning of the car. We haven't may any changes to the car since buying it from the dealer, it is also under 10year old. What are...
  2. S

    NSW Hit by a rental car. What are our rights when not at fault?

    Last november we were travelling down a main road in Maroubra when we were struck by a vehicle that went straight through a give way sign and into the drivers side of our car. The driver admited they were at fault and we even got a contact witness. Police were called but refused to come. Turns...
  3. J

    VIC Faulty Car. After 6 months of ownership.

    So In November I brought my first car. I’ve never had much knowledge about how cars work or how to fix them that sort of thing. But I brought it through a private seller on Facebook in Melbourne. I didn’t ask a whole lot of questions about it but it was practically a brand new car. When I met up...
  4. I

    Private Car Sale gone wrong!

    Hi there, Hoping to get some answers for my parents. An ex friend of theirs were selling their car and she sold it to my parents and they agreed my parents could pay it off. My parents made up a contract, with the details of the car and the amount and how much per fortnight had to be paid...
  5. J

    VIC What to do next? New car warranty issue

    I have a 1yr old car with 5 year warrantee. I had my car serviced by a certified garage not the dealership. My vehicle brokedown 7000kms after the service the cause of the was found to be failure of a part that is near a part when the service was done and apparently it should of been checked at...
  6. F

    VIC Car damaged by mechanic

    I took my car in to have the door lock fixed under warranty. They cleaned the car and t was filled with spray/water when I picked it up. There was a leak coming from the sunroof which had never happened before. They cleaned the lines and said there was no leak but it kept happening. The car has...
  7. M

    Bought a faulty car

    Hello, I've just moved to Queensland a month ago, today I purchased a 2011 Ford Focus off a private seller for $6,200. Yesterday my Aunty and I visited the seller of the vehicle to have a look and a test drive. While I was test driving the vehicle I felt small jolts when accelerating from...
  8. Kraka

    VIC Legal Owner of a vehicle (car) in victoria

    I purchased a falcon sedan some months ago, I have receipt of purchase in my name, bank loan in my name and bank payment papers all in my name, the car is registered in an ex girlfriends name and she refuses to return it, saying I gave it to her, which I did not. What are my options here , if i...
  9. C

    WA Terminating car bay lease and definition of 'calendar month'

    Hello, I lease a car bay for $400 a month which I have just given notice to terminate on March 16. The agreement says 'This agreement may be terminated by one full calendar month’s written notice given by the Licensee to the Licensor'. I have already paid up until the end of this month and have...
  10. M

    NSW Can we cancel a new motor vehicle contract because of delivery delays?

    Hi all. We signed a contract on December 28, 2019 for a new vehicle to be ordered and delivered from the factory in Japan. There is no delivery date stipulated in the contract. The dealer verbally assured us that the delivery would be in March, possibly April if there were any delays. When I...