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Travel is the movement of people between distant geographical locations. Travel can be done by foot, bicycle, automobile, train, boat, bus, airplane, ship or other means, with or without luggage, and can be one way or round trip. Travel can also include relatively short stays between successive movements, as in the case of tourism.

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  1. Steven0305

    VIC Can I travel oversea while on police bail?

    Hi there, I was charged with possession of cannabis with intent to sell or supply and am still on police bail. They released me after arresting me for a few hours and told me I needed to attend magistrates court. I'm an overseas student and My grandmother is in a weak condition illness. Can I...
  2. S

    NSW overseas travel

    We have consent orders. I have 82% care of kids. The kids visit other parent during school holidays. In 3 yrs I'd like to move to Bali for 12 months. Kids will do a mix of home schooling and attending an international school. I'm prepared to pay for the ex to fly over at my expense to visit so...
  3. Dr. Funk

    VIC Interstate Travel W/Kids - Vaccination Question

    When the borders finally opened at the end of 2021 I asked my EX about taking our kids to Maui to visit their (My side) Grandparents. I had suggested that Easter vacation from school would be an ideal time. Her objection was very reasonable (so I thought): Hold off on travel until the kids...
  4. Michael1983

    NSW Can a travel agent change the price after payment

    I recently was quoted circa $5000 for a trip overseas flights and accommodation for my family. I made the payment on the same day as the quote and before the deadline provided by the agent. However shortly after I made payment the travel agent said the hotel increased the rate by $2000. My...
  5. juahime

    QLD Leaving the country before citizenship ceremony

    Hello, I currently live in Brisbane and hold a Permanent Residence (through Permanent Employer Sponsored or Nominated Visa 186). My VISA states that I "Must not arrive after" 23 June 2022. I have also been approved citizenship, however, I have not received the ceremony invitation yet. This was...
  6. M

    NSW My friend has a arrest warrant in NSW can he travel overseas?

    My friend has a arrest warrant in NSW for not completing community correction order. Currently residing in VIC He is not a Australian permanent resident. Now he want to permanently fly overseas to his home country. Has a warrant about 5 years old. Will there be any issue at airport immigration...
  7. Ontarian812

    NT Do air hostesses have any arrest powers?

    I am a Canadian looking to gather perspectives on the matter before I proceed with legal action. Here is what happened: Me and five of my friends went to the doctor to get our medical exemptions from wearing masks before we were due to fly back to Toronto from Vancouver. Before we entered the...
  8. P

    cancellation fee for travel

    my wife booked and paid for travel to USA for October 2020 in march when it started to become obvious she put in cancellation request for refund she was one of a party of 4 all booked and paid together she was advised that a fee of $1333 would be payable (trafalgar tours via a travel agent) the...
  9. B

    VIC Travel child access

    My daughter is in Queensland and I am in Melbourne, with restrictions in place are we allowed to travel for child access purposes?
  10. mkr

    QLD Authorisation Docs / Consent for Travel with non-biological parent/carer

    In the following situation, what documentation should be given by biological parents, to allow for travel and parenting decisions? What if the parent cannot be located? Situation is: - Mother of two daughters (to different fathers), living on her own, is unable to continue caring for the...