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  1. M

    NSW Child access / Interstate Travel re COVID19 restrictions

    Orders were made in Victoria. Orders relate to child (teenager) primary residence in NSW, under the Orders visits other parent via flights (premises are 13-14 hours apart by car travel). We have departed from these Orders a few times since they were written, mostly by agreement. The flights...
  2. P

    NSW Travel advice

    Would border force check person alert list(PAL) for departing non Australian citizens? When do someone end up on that list? Soon as they are charged with an offence or after the court trial? Can they stop someone not australian trying to flee if they are on the bail?
  3. Mel125

    VIC Can I travel outside Australia with 7 year old child?

    Am i able to travel overseas with my 7 year old daughter without the fathers consent? The father has never met our daughter as was never interested in his child. I have had no contact with the father for 7 years and no clue where he is. It would be impossible to find him and i really like to...
  4. P

    QLD Requirements for Not for Profit Fundraising Transparency?

    Does anybody know the reporting/transparency requirements for Not For Profit fundraising? Specifically - a Queensland-based sporting club is raising money to send a specific team to an event in 2020. If they hold fundraisers that are promoted specifically for this purpose, do the club and...
  5. J

    QLD My Image Used by Courier Mail in Theft Case - Help?

    Courier mail has a story where they have my image relating to theft I was most definitely not involved with. I did, however, have a court case in the news at the time relating to being caught with a very small amount of marijuana. But in the wrong place. I am not a thief or a criminal and...
  6. B

    VIC International travel with possible outstanding bench warrant

    Hi, as the title states, I am planning a trip to the Philippines. I believe there may be a bench warrant out in my name, the only way to find out is to call the local cop shop from what I read from other threads, is that correct? I wasn't asked to surrender my passport upon being charged, and...
  7. M

    VIC Refusing international travel?

    Can one parent refuse permission and prevent the other from taking their child on an overseas holiday? No parenting orders in place. Child has passport already and travelled regularly when parents were married. Travel within school holidays. Destination Bali. 10 days. Other parent seems to...
  8. A

    VIC Mortgaged Property as Security allowing children travel

    Hello, I seek to take my children 16 and 12 and a half years old overseas. Their mother is requesting that my property be provided to the court as security. I have the Register Search Statement (Title) document I am representing myself and have filed all papers via
  9. Michaelh1957

    NSW Unable to Obtain Australian Citizenship Papers?

    I am an Australian passport holder who was born overseas and had parents born overseas as well. I am now being asked to prove citizenship again when I tried to renew my passport. I have tried several times to apply for a citizenship certificate, even though I've held multiple Australian...
  10. W

    WA Waiting For Judgement & extended break for travel

    Hi all, had a trial in mid January, and still waiting on a judgement. Second family trial - first in 2015 we had judgement within 7 weeks. I'm in WA - I keep checking the daily court list and there are barely any magistrates on each day. Is there a backlog of work that any one knows of...