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Travel is the movement of people between distant geographical locations. Travel can be done by foot, bicycle, automobile, train, boat, bus, airplane, ship or other means, with or without luggage, and can be one way or round trip. Travel can also include relatively short stays between successive movements, as in the case of tourism.

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  1. M

    NSW My friend has a arrest warrant in NSW can he travel overseas?

    My friend has a arrest warrant in NSW for not completing community correction order. Currently residing in VIC He is not a Australian permanent resident. Now he want to permanently fly overseas to his home country. Has a warrant about 5 years old. Will there be any issue at airport immigration...
  2. Ontarian812

    NT Do air hostesses have any arrest powers?

    I am a Canadian looking to gather perspectives on the matter before I proceed with legal action. Here is what happened: Me and five of my friends went to the doctor to get our medical exemptions from wearing masks before we were due to fly back to Toronto from Vancouver. Before we entered the...
  3. P

    cancellation fee for travel

    my wife booked and paid for travel to USA for October 2020 in march when it started to become obvious she put in cancellation request for refund she was one of a party of 4 all booked and paid together she was advised that a fee of $1333 would be payable (trafalgar tours via a travel agent) the...
  4. B

    VIC Travel child access

    My daughter is in Queensland and I am in Melbourne, with restrictions in place are we allowed to travel for child access purposes?
  5. mkr

    QLD Authorisation Docs / Consent for Travel with non-biological parent/carer

    In the following situation, what documentation should be given by biological parents, to allow for travel and parenting decisions? What if the parent cannot be located? Situation is: - Mother of two daughters (to different fathers), living on her own, is unable to continue caring for the...
  6. M

    NSW Child access / Interstate Travel re COVID19 restrictions

    Orders were made in Victoria. Orders relate to child (teenager) primary residence in NSW, under the Orders visits other parent via flights (premises are 13-14 hours apart by car travel). We have departed from these Orders a few times since they were written, mostly by agreement. The flights...
  7. P

    NSW Travel advice

    Would border force check person alert list(PAL) for departing non Australian citizens? When do someone end up on that list? Soon as they are charged with an offence or after the court trial? Can they stop someone not australian trying to flee if they are on the bail?
  8. Mel125

    VIC Can I travel outside Australia with 7 year old child?

    Am i able to travel overseas with my 7 year old daughter without the fathers consent? The father has never met our daughter as was never interested in his child. I have had no contact with the father for 7 years and no clue where he is. It would be impossible to find him and i really like to...
  9. P

    QLD Requirements for Not for Profit Fundraising Transparency?

    Does anybody know the reporting/transparency requirements for Not For Profit fundraising? Specifically - a Queensland-based sporting club is raising money to send a specific team to an event in 2020. If they hold fundraisers that are promoted specifically for this purpose, do the club and...
  10. J

    QLD My Image Used by Courier Mail in Theft Case - Help?

    Courier mail has a story where they have my image relating to theft I was most definitely not involved with. I did, however, have a court case in the news at the time relating to being caught with a very small amount of marijuana. But in the wrong place. I am not a thief or a criminal and...