NSW Where to Report Dodgy Training Centers?

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Krati Patel

26 November 2018

I am not sure where to lodge complaint against this matter.

So I paid $1110 to training institute called AHPTS in Parramatta, Sydney on 22nd August 2018, the course was suppose to start in September. When I called a week earlier to confirm the dates, they said instructor passed away. Then after they stopped replying to my calls, emails and messages.

I lodged a complaint with office of fair trading and even they couldn't reach them. They adviced me to lodge complaint with NCAT.

I then emailed AHPTS, that lodging a legal complaint against them. They suddenly replied that they are going to refund my money. Now its been 2 weeks no reply again.

Please guide me on how and where I should lodge the complain and what it would cost.


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25 July 2018
If you paid by credit card then you should talk to your bank first about what they can do. You may not need to pursue legal action.

If you do end up needing to pursue a claim through NCAT, take a look at their website first. Your issue would fall under "Consumer Claims" in the "Consumer & Commercial" division.

Once you've done that, come back here if you have any questions. The cost of lodging an application in your case would be $50 or $13 if you're eligible for a concession.

The NCAT website is www.ncat.nsw.gov.au
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Tim W

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28 April 2014
For consumer complaints (business, money, customer service, etc), consider NCAT.
For questions about quality and standards of training itself, consider ASQA.