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netcat (often abbreviated to nc) is a computer networking utility for reading from and writing to network connections using TCP or UDP. The command is designed to be a dependable back-end that can be used directly or easily driven by other programs and scripts. At the same time, it is a feature-rich network debugging and investigation tool, since it can produce almost any kind of connection its user could need and has a number of built-in capabilities.
Its list of features includes port scanning, transferring files, and port listening, and it can be used as a backdoor.

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  1. T

    NSW Summons issued under the SSMA or the NCAT Act?

    We're in proceedings against a real estate agent which involves non compliance with a summons to produce documents. At issue is whether a summons was obtained under the Strata Schemes Management Act or the NSW Civil and Administrative Act? This is a question the tribunal said we need to resolve...
  2. T

    NSW NSW Government and IPC Decision , NCAT?

    The IPC (the Information and Privacy Commission) recently made a Freedom of Information decision in my favor and now the NSW Government wants to take me to NCAT to challenge the decision. My question is, wouldn't it be expected that the NSW Government take the IPC to the Tribunal for a review...
  3. P

    NSW Dividing fences dispute - covenant issue

    We have a significant dispute with neighbours on a largely unfenced boundary, thinking of options . Question is can a local court or NCAT overide a covenant , if the covenant fencing restrictions themselves do not allow what the Local Court or NCAT considers a 'sufficient' fence? The existing...
  4. Ian Curtis

    NSW Appealing on Question of Law - NCAT Ignored Grounds of Appeal

    NCAT Appeal Panel dismissed my leave to appeal (had almost two hours of hearing anyhow to arrive to that dismissal). However they did not even consider my "Grounds for Appeal" and yet my barrister is not confident of winning in the Supreme Court and seems to be ignoring what I think is the...
  5. D

    NSW Ncat Member altering respondents Signed Affidavits and making no mention of it in decision. Is this legal?

    Hi my question is dose an NCAT member have a legal right and under what act or section to alter the written submitted evidence in the form of affidavits of the respondents that by doing so changed the whole meaning of the documents even though they were signed affidavits witnessed by there...
  6. F

    NSW NCAT Appeal order/directions made tenancy matter

    I am the respondent to NCAT appeal. A callover and stay hearing was listed for today. On Wednesday, the applicant applied for an adjournment. He stated in his email it was due to medical reasons, but did not supply me with a medical certificate. I assume he supplied a medical certificate to the...
  7. B

    NSW Stop Work Order

    NCAT Stop Work Order. I am an Applicant in NCAT proceedings where the Respondent has been issued with Stop Work Orders, and is now in breach, by continuing with the work. NCAT was notified, but is letting it go until the next hearing, which, ironically, is timetabled by the Member a few days...
  8. Ian Curtis

    NSW Is this Tribunal Member Allowed to Call Herself a Lawyer Despite no Current Solicitor or Barrister Registration?

    On her (fiction writing, seriously) website Suzanne Leal calls herself: A lawyer experienced in child protection, criminal law and refugee law, I’m a senior member of the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal and former member of the Refugee Review Tribunal. And yet she netiher is a registered...
  9. T

    NSW Endlessly needing to go to NCAT to get strata records - what order to deal with the problem?

    Hi I've been to NCAT 3 times to get orders to obtain strata records. The scenario is always the same. I ask to get specific records. These are refused for various reasons. I lodge with NCAT for section 188 and 232 orders. Following the first directions hearing the OC produces the records. New...
  10. S

    NSW NCAT wants me to tell them what orders I want for privacy application

    I lodged an NCAT application in regard to breaches of the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act. During proceedings the respondent was directed by the tribunal to provide me with my personal information (which they were withholding) and to correct my personal information (which they...