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The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) was a non-ministerial government department of the United Kingdom, established by the Fair Trading Act 1973, which enforced both consumer protection and competition law, acting as the United Kingdom's economic regulator. The OFT's goal was to make markets work well for consumers, ensuring vigorous competition between fair dealing businesses and prohibiting unfair practices such as rogue trading, scams, and cartels. Its role was modified and its powers changed with the Enterprise Act 2002.
The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) announced reforms to the consumer protection and competition regimes. Under the provisions of the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act 2013, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) was established on 1 April 2014, combining many of the functions of the OFT and the Competition Commission and superseding both.Regulation for the consumer credit industry passed from the OFT to the new Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) from April 2014.

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  1. Singleton

    NSW Harassment by Milton Graham Regarding Non-existent Red Energy Debt?

    I'm not sure what to do now as I've exhausted all my options from contacting the ACCC, ASIC and NSW Office of Fair Trading to complain about Milton Graham formerly Dun and Bradstreet who have being harassing me over the phone and by text regarding an Red Energy Debt of $48.14 AUD despite the...
  2. K

    NSW Where to Report Dodgy Training Centers?

    Hello, I am not sure where to lodge complaint against this matter. So I paid $1110 to training institute called AHPTS in Parramatta, Sydney on 22nd August 2018, the course was suppose to start in September. When I called a week earlier to confirm the dates, they said instructor passed away...
  3. N

    QLD Car in Repair for 6 Months Now - What to Do?

    Hi, My wife purchased a car almost 12 months ago. From day one, it has had problems and we have taken the car back numerous times to rectify the issue as it has a 12-month warranty. They have failed to fix the problem and we have returned it to them yet again to fix. They have had the...
  4. F

    NSW Do I Have a Shot at Winning NCAT Claim?

    So here's a quick rundown. Rented out a hall for a birthday. Paid cash, no terms and conditions signed. Left some a/v equipment and a laptop there, which was stolen overnight. No evidence of a break-in. Police report is then filed. Hall owner and I have agreed on replacement value, and he...
  5. V

    NSW Purchased Brand New Faulty Toyota from Dealer - Refund?

    Hi I purchased a brand new Toyota Prado from a local dealer and after a service, it came back with an oil leak. I called the dealer to which I had to return the car for repairs. It was off the road for 4 days and we received the car back. Since that time, a friend had noticed the car was...
  6. M

    NSW No Second-hand Dealer's Licence Required to Buy from Public Authorities?

    To whom it may concern, I have been attempting to find out if a business can legally sell items bought from a "government agency or public authority", without requiring a Second-hand Dealer's license. The items would be bought from local council run recycling/tip shops. I have contacted Fair...
  7. E

    NSW Council - What Type of Lawyer Should We Engage?

    We bought a land in March 2016. The real estate agents disclaimed the no-pool was ought to be built in the land and that there was already an approved DA to build a house. The real estate sent all docs for the the approved DA, except for the DA consent. We did the deal, got a conveyancer to do...
  8. H

    QLD Issues with Used Volkswagen Car - What to Do?

    Good morning, I have a Volkswagen golf sitting in my driveway that I'm too scared to drive since I got it back from the dealer after they "repaired" it. Purchased the car under a personal loan for $5300 in November last year. I've taken the car back to the dealers in total four times, the last...
  9. N

    NSW Small Claims Court - Refund for Car with Major Faults?

    Hi, I purchased a used car from a dealer with 158000kms, 2005 model. On the 18/6/17 it broke down on the way home from the dealer. I returned it on the 19th. I collected it from the dealer supposedly repaired on the 25th and it broke down again with the same fault on the same day. I returned...
  10. J

    ACT Caveat Lapsing Challenged - Seek Legal Advice?

    We are building a house. We have had issues with the builder and their solicitor. We excercised our consumer rights and lodged a complaint with the Office of Fair Trading. In response, builders solicitor lodged a caveat on the land. We have never withheld or mentioned with holding any monies...