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    :cool: An intimate Q & A with Scruff (after the "Q" went walkabout...) :cool:

    No way - I'm a musician, which means I'm a lot smarter than a lawyer!

    Yeah, it kinda looks a bit like me - well, before my stubble turned grey anyway, so probably me around 20-25 years ago.

    That's just silly - of course I'm not Elvis!

    Sure Peanut's an idiot, but he's funny as hell!

    Nah... Computer generated crap ain't music - it's just noise.

    Yeah, that's a ciggy sticking out of my mouth - but I rarely do that these days other than at home. It's illegal indoors now and I have long hair, so outdoors, my hair gets singed if there's any wind.

    Nup - Parramatta has always been considered the geographical centre of Sydney and Homebush is east of Parramatta - not west. So the GWS Giants are not what was promised to the people of Western Sydney at all. Additionally, and I may be wrong about this, but I have a gut feeling that Canberra isn't in Western Sydney either - but that might just be indigestion.

    Not a chance. While it's fascinating to watch the Giants grow, I'll always be a die hard Swans fan.

    Yeah, that's Groot on the left. He's actually a really good singer you know - but he's always messing the words up?!?

    I have no idea why. Ask Groot.

    I can't sing for s**t!

    Really? Achmed is my favourite dead terrorist too!

    Yep. My two brothers and I have all dated a Sharon.

    No, not the same one you idiot! Three different Sharons! "Share and share alike" might be a great concept, but that'd be taking it a bit far don't you think?

    Of course my bass guitar is red - are you colour blind?

    Oh. Umm... Sorry.

    I have no idea who the bird is. Looks pretty angry for some reason though.

    You're wrong about that. Americans thinking people with green eyes are aliens had nothing to do with it. Kristen has green eyes (like me) and Bella's eyes were brown, then red, then yellow, so she had to wear contacts throughout all five movies. Us green-eyed folks have it pretty rough at times you know.

    Depends what mood I'm in. I'm really into "Imagine Dragons" these days - "Radioactive" is just brilliant. But I like all sorts of stuff... older stuff like Pink Floyd, The Angels and INXS to later stuff like Katy Perry, Linkin Park, Coldplay and M83 - the list goes on and on. But when it comes to playing, it's all about enjoyment for me. "Clocks" by Coldplay, "New Divide" by Linkin Park and "Our Lips Are Sealed" by The Go-Go's would be my favourites in that department.

    Stop laughing - it's a really fun song for a bass player!

    Hell no! For a bassist, playing the blues is worse than watching this YouTube video:

    Have you by any chance been in a coma for the last 42 years? Of course Elvis is dead.

    I can't answer that on the grounds it may incriminate Groot.

    No comment... Sounds like fun though.

    Nah, Keith Richards just looks dead. I mean, you did see him in "The Fountain of Youth" right?

    Yeah, yeah - I know. But "On Stranger Tides" just sounds friggin' stupid. "The Fountain of Youth" is heaps better and at the very least, it's descriptive like the others in the series. I dunno what idiot came up with "On Stranger Tides".

    No, don't be silly. Homer Simpson's not Charlie Brown all grown up - the different shirts should tell you that.

    Oh no - don't even get me started on that subject. Anyone who uses "shaky cam" should be shot on sight - period! I mean think about it... When you walk, or even run, does the whole world shake to the extent that it's impossible for you to focus on a any single spot for even a second? That's never happened to me in my life! People claim it adds realism - but it actually does the exact opposite and the vast majority of movie goes across the world can't stand it. It's so bloody annoying that I won't even watch it. I mean, if I'm contemplating watching a movie I've never seen, I'll check the reviews first and if I see anything at all along the lines of "found footage", "shaky cam" or "hand held camera", I just skip over it and move on without giving it a second thought - no matter who's in it or how good the plot sounds. To me, it's just cheap s**t made by people who have no right to be making films in the first place. It's all crap.

    Well that's it, isn't it? If you want to totally alienate the majority of money paying audiences worldwide - "shaky cam" is your answer.

    You're only allowed 10,000 characters here, so not enough space to cover that. All I'll say is that 3D = over use of slow motion = every bit as unwatchable as shaky cam for all the same reasons. I mean, have you seen the last couple of "Resident Evil" movies? That pretty much says it all.

    The "Dallas Drinking Game?" I guess the modern day equivalent would be binge watching "The 100" and taking a swig every time someone says "I got this" or "You got this" - yet another "Americanism" that is so over used in TV and film that it makes everything sound like it was written by a five year old. Strange thing is, I've never heard anyone speak like that in real life - not once! Hopefully it'll never catch on here. (Edit: Some stupid car maker is using in their ads now and it sound absolutely stupid. Friggin' ****heads!)

    I'm actually fascinated by it - it's unique. The main characters are constantly doing things, that under normal circumstances, would make them totally unlikable and turn viewers away. But for "The 100", it actually works because of the concept. The younger characters lived sheltered lives on the Ark under the control of adults who behaved like little tin Gods. So given that environment, the younger crowd behaves the same way, as you would expect, with the result being that nearly everyone who gets even just a little bit of power - abuses it. The reason I find that so fascinating, is because it's the only show I've ever seen that's so true to human nature. If you give everyday people power, at least one in three will abuse it - and that was proven by the Stanford Prison Experiment way back in 1971 ( The parallels between the show and the experiment are uncanny. Whether they realise it or not, or whether they admit it or not, I think this show is so successful because the audience sees something that exists in all of us - and that ain't just real, it's very scary.

    I think it's a direct result of the human race suffering from two diseases that no other species in the universe suffers from - "arrogance" and "greed". They're the reason the human race is doomed for extinction. Every problem we face as a species can be traced directly back to one of those two diseases - everything from racism, to war, to global warming. We won't die off because of an ice age or a meteor strike - no way. Our fate as a species was sealed a very long time ago by our own hand - and it's way too late to change that now.

    Yeah, it's gotten a bit deep hasn't it? Get back to the fun stuff.

    I do look a bit cranky in that shot. Probably because Groot was playing innocent after messing up the words again.

    No, I'm not going to introduce you. Believe me, his conversational skills will bore you to death in no time.

    No, I'm fully clothed. Why do you ask?

    Well Groot's always naked - that's just how he rolls.

    Yeah, I'd be up for it - but I'm not so sure about that other thing you mentioned though...

    What's a Kardashian?

    Argh! No way in hell! How do I get that image out of my head?!?

    Thanks. You can put your clothes back on now... or not!

    Yep - I've dated three Michelle's. But this time let's be perfectly clear - that's three "different" Michelle's, okay?

    No, not at the same time damn it! (Hmmm... I'll hang on to that image though!)

    Nah, I don't use bottles to play slide on my bass - I have plenty of effects in my rig for when I want to get my "weirdness" on!

    Well it looks like a bottle of Jack Daniel's No.7, but I don't remember it - I'm a beer drinker. Maybe I was opening it for Groot. I mean, he does look like he's having a pretty good time in that shot, don't you think?

    Nah, it's not Wembly - that was taken at Stadium Australia.

    Total hogwash! I've never had sex with any of those people!

    Oh... well... maybe except for her then.

    How would I know? I haven't seen them all and I doubt anyone has!

    Oh. Well I guess it would be the only one that I can't find any fault with. Perfect cast, script, direction, locations, production, etc - all executed and coming together perfectly as a whole. So for me... I guess "Erin Brockovich" - which by the way, was Julia Roberts' best performance ever by a huge margin. Extra points for being based on a true story too. "The Martian" with Matt Damon would be a very close second though - that was one of the best scripts to hit the big screen in decades.

    Well I could have said "Sharknado" just to confuse you! I can't imagine what your reaction would have been!

    Nah, I see "best" as being based on quality and "favourite" as being based on taste, so it's two different things. My favourite is "Serenity". I'm a huge Joss Whedon fan - he's a creative genius. "Firefly", "Dollhouse", "Buffy The Vampire Slayer", "Angel" - all favourites that I never get sick of. "Spike" (played by James Marsters) from Buffy and Angel, is one of my all time favourite characters - always fun to watch.

    Of course C-3PO, Jar Jar Binks and Justin Bieber are all related. The fact that all three are annoying as hell whenever they open their mouth is a dead giveaway! (Hang on - C3PO's mouth doesn't open, does it? Well you know what I mean anyway...)

    Just one. You have really pretty eyes - would you like to get together for a drink some time?

    Hang on a minute ... Am I gonna cop a $10,000 fine for that?

    :cool: S-w-e-e-t! Human interaction still lives. Y-e-a-h Baby! :cool:

    Wow - I Can't believe I got through that without a single fart joke!


    Heaven don't want me and Hell's afraid I'll take over!
    ...and if you think that's silly, you should see the "Information" tab on my profile page!!!