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    VIC Fraud

    a person sold a car that was supposedly in good condition, minutes after receiving it the Check engine light came on, I took it to the mechanic and the car needs an engine change and other things, the seller lied to me about the condition of the car , took advantage of the fact that I do not...
  2. B

    QLD Signature fraud

    Can someone forge a signature on a legal document even if they have permission to do so
  3. B

    VIC nomination fraud

    If you are aware of someone committing multiple nomination frauds, do you report the person to Vicroad or the Police?
  4. R

    vehicle roadworthy fraud

    Good morning , I recently purchased a 2005 for territory from Greys online auction with reg and roadworthy - Cost $4800 when driving home the car stated pulling left and steering shook violently - I took the car to my mechanic to have an independent safety check roadworthy done. It...
  5. S

    SA Online Fraud

    Is it possible to take legal action against an online international seller? I have issued a Form 1 but are just mocking the form, they think it's a joke. They shipped me the incorrect item, they asked me to return the item at my expense and they will ship the right one. I shipped the item back...
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    VIC Bought used car from private seller. Seller lied. What to do?

    I got my first car last week from private seller and I realised there are so many severe problems with the car. I saw some marks on the bolts so I asked him about it. Seller told me it's never been involved any accident, but it turns out that it is a written-off car. Seller told me that a...
  7. H

    QLD Forged Legal Documents and Fraud - Help?

    I'm from China but my case involving a former minister of Queensland MP I met in China for fraud and scandal. He's my fiance for 6 years, we're partners in life and business. He's disappeared now left me with forged legal documents and probably still married lied about his wife's death also...
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    Tourist Refund Scheme

    My gf 26 has been accused at the TRS at Sydney airport for getting credit funding purchased goods via deception as she did not have them in the box. She paid for them legit, and took the box to the airport but they found the box empty. Expected about $100 refund. They took her details and said...
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    SA Ex is posing as their lawyer

    My ex is posing as their lawyer. I've put in affidavit with proof. The lawyer is still representing. What can I do to make my ex accountable? Are there legal repercussions?
  10. D

    VIC Fraud crimes in Victoria

    Is there a time limit for acting on a fraud crime?