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  1. G

    SA Partner has no access to son. Mother ignoring all contact and mediation.

    Okay so. My partner found out he has a son from a one night stand before we were together. He had no idea until a friend of the mother's sent a Facebook msg to him out of the blue stating that he has a son. That he is in danger and being neglected. Partner contacted the mother to organise a DNA...
  2. Z

    NSW Court or Mediation? Child safety

    Hi, hope someone can help me out so I can gain some sort of clarity on what to do next? I removed my 3 year old child from the mother last year due to neglect. A police report was done immediately and FACS was contacted, however FACS did not get involved as there was 1 fit parent. No parenting...
  3. sunnyDay

    QLD Representation of Business / Company in Mediation

    Hi, My small business is preparing for a mediation case. Who in the business, apart from the Director, is allowed to represent the business in the mediation? Can any employee do this? Also, how likely are Courts to approve a formal request for representation by someone else, for reason that the...
  4. D

    QLD Mediation

    Hi. My fam law case is due to be heard at trial on the 13th October. The icl is wanting to go to mediation with my ex partner as the main witness who started allegations against me refuses to go to court and never filed an affidavit. I have done family report and clinical expert report who said...
  5. F

    VIC Mediation question.

    I am self represented in a property and parenting matter. My previous lawyers arranged some consent orders with one part being a mediation will take place to discuss financial matters. The notation reads - The parties agree to attend a private mediation in relation to final property settlement...
  6. I


    So I’ll be going to mediation with my ex soon. He is wants to stick to our current agreement of 3 weekends a month. Our son is 3. But he also wants to add when he takes his 4 weeks annual leave a year that he has our son for those 4 weeks (May be separate not 4 in a row) and during those weeks...
  7. A

    VIC Variation to a contested no contact intervention order to allow FDR

    Here is the sequence of events: Police take an family violence intervention order out on S to protect his wife T. T requests that the order keeps S away from the family residence, but does not limit contact in any other way. S elects to contest the order (although the hearings dates are still 6...
  8. A

    NSW Paternal DNA help!!!!!!!!!

    Baby 11months old. Woman says my partner is the father. My partner and I have never denied that he isn’t. Problem is she won’t Allow him to meet the baby or spend time with him. Sends photos all the time.. tells him how the baby is going.. how does my partner go about getting a DNA test done is...
  9. J

    QLD How Would Family Court Play Out?

    Looking for help with the following situation: Father wants to see children, hasn't seen children for 12 months as of now. He has only tried to contact mother through other people and asked to see children. Mother has not contacted the father or engaged with him directly or through other...
  10. G

    NSW General Opinions on Applying for Family Court Orders?

    Hi all, it's been a while since my last post! This is NSW if that helps. I'm just hoping for some general opinions for questions I have. It's not where I wanted to be heading, but there have been some serious enough (for me) breaches of our family court orders made approx 1 1/2 years ago. I'm...