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Volkswagen (German pronunciation: [ˈfɔlksˌvaːɡŋ̍] - listen ), shortened to VW, is a German automaker founded on May 28, 1937 by the German Labour Front and headquartered in Wolfsburg. It is the flagship marque of the Volkswagen Group and is the largest automaker worldwide.
Volkswagen is German for "people's car", and the company's current international advertising slogan is just "Volkswagen". American English pronunciation is approximately "volks wagon" ( listen ).

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  • Synonyms vw
  1. A

    VW Class action - who gets the rebate, new or old owner?

    I would like to purchase a second hand Diesel Audi registered in 2012. I am aware that the recent settlement b/w VW group and owners. I understand that payments will be made to registrants in late 2020. Am I entitled to check whether the vehicle I am buying is registered for rebate with...
  2. L

    WA Volkswagen Timing Belt Issue - What to Do?

    I’ve got an 07 Volkswagen GT 1.4L and just recently, the engine management light came on, and then last week while driving to work. I took it to my local mechanic, as he is so much cheaper. He told me there was no compression, as it wasn’t starting or ticking over. He then goes on to tell me...
  3. Peter Hughes

    QLD Impact of Car Accident and Carzoos - What to Do?

    Fighting for justice. In 2015, I lost my house, job and relationship and passion for life due to Carzoos' dishonesty and negligence. My life was impacted dramatically as I had to return the car due to the car being unroadworthy with 3 illegal items on the car. Tyres were also too small for the...
  4. H

    VIC seeking refund Volkswagen

    We purchased a new VW Golf in September 2016. The vehicle has been serviced as per schedule and had no issues until November 2017 when the engine cut out without warning while I was driving at approximately 60km. The vehicle was towed to the local dealership where we purchased it from. After a...
  5. H

    QLD Issues with Used Volkswagen Car - What to Do?

    Good morning, I have a Volkswagen golf sitting in my driveway that I'm too scared to drive since I got it back from the dealer after they "repaired" it. Purchased the car under a personal loan for $5300 in November last year. I've taken the car back to the dealers in total four times, the last...
  6. E

    NSW Secondhand car over 10 years old

    I have bought a 2nd hand car from a dealership, which is over 10 years old so has no dealer guarantee applicable. I was not given rego paperwork when I collected the car as it was not ready so it was posted to me. I purchased the car 1 week ago and received paperwork 2 days ago. The car was...
  7. M

    WA Car Loan with Volkswagen Financial Services - What to Do?

    Hi, I recently purchased a car. The car yard that I purchase the vehicle from in finalizing the loan wants my signature on a document that states $19, 339 as the amount. The car yard says that the difference of $750 is for fees and charges. However, I was informed that the sum total of the...
  8. A

    NSW Car Dealer Making Me Pay Deposit?

    Hi everyone, please can you help me out. I'm freaking out a little. Went car shopping with my girlfriend today (first time for the both of us). Went to a Volkswagen dealer took a test drive and decided on car we liked and started negotiating a deal to trade her old car in for a new golf. We...
  9. G

    WA Getting Refund from Volkswagen for Faulty Car?

    Last year, we purchased a used car from a Volkswagen dealership. The car was 6 years old 2.0 Golf GTi with TSI engine. We paid $24,000 and it came with full Volkswagen service history, 100 point Volkswagen check and an Auto Assist Warranty. After 14 months, my partner drove the car to work...
  10. V

    NSW Car with Faulty Transmission from Volkswagen Dealership?

    Hi, I bought a brand new car from Volkswagen dealership in February. Since then, the car has had two major stops. The first time was on 4 July & 28 July and gave error messages along the lines of "Gearbox not available"... So I called Volkswagen Assist and they sent an Electrician. He said I...