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    QLD Multiple Rental Disputes - What to Do under Property Law?

    Hi everyone, sorry this is a bit long but I have a heap of issues I need some help with. I recently moved out of a rental property, and did the usual big clean for the exit report. I've done this before, always done the cleaning myself (apart from carpets and pest) and always had my full bond...
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    QLD Solar Panels - Sales Rep Lied about Drop in Electricity Bills?

    We agreed to 'go solar' after an unsolicited call from a company and general encouragement by the govt. We installed 20 solar panels and 5kw system 2years ago after receiving advice from sales rep to expect our quarterly bill to drop to between $60-$100. Our bill remains at $450 to $650. The...
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    QLD Odometer Tampering - Take to Office of Fair Trading QLD?

    Hi. I recently purchased a vehicle from a Japanese car import agent who had a newly imported car available from a customer who failed to pay. I inspected the car (still at a compliance centre) and a few days later I bought it. The car came with a 1 month 1000km mechanical warranty. I received a...
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    QLD Debt Collectors Harassment?

    Without getting into the details, I've been asked for advice from someone who (8 months ago) rented an item from party A, however had a small accident. Party A told my friend to pay the excess and they would claim the remainder from insurance (party B). From what I understand, party B then...
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    QLD Substandard Contractor Workmanship - Breach of Contract?

    We we have employed a contractor to install our floating laminate floors on our newly built home. He damaged my property, provided substandard workmanship (breach of contract) and left our home dusty and dirty, once again breaking what was stipulated in our contract. He expects to be paid in...
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    QLD Faulty Mitsubishi Lancer - Next Steps?

    I am seriously hoping someone can help me here. Beginning of last year I purchased a new Mitsubishi Lancer, and noticed there was a minor electrical fault. Since buying the vehicle, I have had to take it back to the dealership to have fixed, although Mitsubishi hasn't been able to fix the...
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    QLD Home Security Alarm System Monitoring Contract - Charged for Termination Fee?

    Home security alarm system company charged $28.60 on 1/8/13 despite the contract being terminated on 16/07/2013. They've been sending me monthly bills since then. One morning in June, after moving into the current property, I called the phone number listed on my alarm pad regarding a beeping...