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NSW Fair Trading is a division of the New South Wales State Government's Department of Customer Service in Australia. The division's focus is to create a fair, safe and equitable marketplace in New South Wales. It investigates allegations of unfair business practices, and regulates goods sold in New South Wales. It also performs the administrative functions of registering business cooperatives and associations, and issuing occupational licences.

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  1. W

    ACT Deceitful/Fraudulent practices in a private interstate car practice.

    Hello all, my first time posting on this forum and it’s quite a complicated issue. Any advice would be appreciated. Background: We live in the ACT and we purchased a 40 year old car from a private seller in Sydney. Our biggest concern was rust and other damages concerning the age of the car. We...
  2. S

    NSW Can I ask unlicensed landscaper to stop work?

    We received a written quote from a landscaper and agreed to go ahead. The quote involved fencing and landscaping. The total cost $13 136. There was no contract. The landscaper began work on the fences and has put in the posts but not the panels. The cost of the fences alone was $4450. We have...
  3. A

    NSW Residential Tenancies Act (2010)

    Hi, in the Residential Tenancies Act (2010) there are references as follows: (a) Otherwise than as a result of a breach of an agreement, destroyed or become wholly or partly uninhabitable, or (b) cease to be lawfully usable as a residence Is there any kind of definition or common...
  4. B

    Shoplifting from a store but paid for item

    I just got caught taking something from a store. There was video footage of me taking the item. I ended up paying for the item and receiving a store ban. Police were not notified to my knowledge. Is it possible that any further action be taken? I'm so worried!
  5. J

    NSW NSW Fair Trading and Home Building Disput - What to Do?

    My home building dispute with a tiler has been ongoing since December 2014. NSW Fair Trading did not make rectification orders and referred me to NCAT. Now NSW Fair Trading will not intervene because it is a tribunal case. The tribunal is not enforcing the law. The tiler has a continuance of...
  6. T

    NSW Am I Liable to Have Car Fixed Under Australian Consumer Law?

    Hi, I was caught in a problem with a private car sale. I advertised a car for sale privately and it was advertised as "no issues", but I have told the buyer the window doesn't work. The buyer did the test drive and negotiate the price with me. He then agreed to purchase the car. A week later...
  7. LeaseBreaking

    NSW Breaking Lease Without Incurring a Financial Penalty?

    Preface: I am not seeking formal legal advice, but rather, guidance from anyone else who has been in this situation. The house we leased was sold in December and the new owner said they would move in at the completion of our (18-month) lease in March. We studied the applicable legislation and...
  8. A

    NSW Defamation of Property - Entitled to Compensation for Financial and Personal Loss?

    Over a year ago, a building report commissioned by a third party falsely stated (amongst other false claims within the building report), that there was asbestos in the property, and that it was a health hazard. The false and unfavourable report was then enough for the prospective buyers of my...
  9. A

    NSW Australian Consumer Law - How Long Should Repairs Take?

    I'm in a situation where I damaged my item myself (i.e., not a warranty) and I sent it in for repairs back in early October. It still is not fixed and there is no timeline as to when it will be fixed. I have contacted NSW Fair Trading, but the company is arguing that they are still well within...
  10. E

    NSW Property Law - Tenant Death And Occupant Eviction

    We have a rental property in Northern NSW which has been rented continuously to the same tenant for approximately 6 years. For the first few years, our tenant was always up to date with his rent and kept the property in a reasonable condition. For the past 18 months or so, we have had to...