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The Mitsubishi Group (三菱グループ, Mitsubishi Gurūpu, also known as the Mitsubishi Group of Companies or Mitsubishi Companies, and informally as the Mitsubishi Keiretsu) is a group of autonomous Japanese multinational companies in a variety of industries.
Founded by Iwasaki Yatarō in 1870, the Mitsubishi Group historically descended from the Mitsubishi zaibatsu, a unified company which existed from 1870 to 1946. The company was disbanded during the occupation of Japan following World War II. The former constituents of the company continue to share the Mitsubishi brand and trademark. Although the group companies participate in limited business cooperation, most famously through monthly "Friday Conference" executive meetings, they are formally independent and are not under common control. The four main companies in the group are MUFG Bank (the largest bank in Japan), Mitsubishi Corporation (a general trading company), Mitsubishi Electric and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (both being diversified manufacturing companies).

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  1. C

    SA Used car purchase is defective.

    I purchased (27/04/2020) a Mitsubishi pajero built 2000, odometer 445619, (12 moth warrant max $1000 for each major component of vehicle up to value of vehicle) from a south Australia car dealership. At the time of purchase I asked the dealer if the vehicle had any defect and was told no my...
  2. S

    VIC Failure to Obey Yellow Traffic Control Signal - Appeal?

    Hey guys! I'll start from the begging. About a week ago, I was driving to work, and drove through a yellow light and got pulled over. The officer came up to my window and told me that he wasn't going to fine me for speeding of which he said that if he fined me for speeding I would have lost my...
  3. B

    NSW Neighbours Accusing Son of Noise - Call Police for Harassment?

    My 17-year-old son has a 95 Mitsubishi FTO, so a sports car with a muffler. Anyway, he leaves for work at 5:30am and now that mornings are cooler, the car sound is louder than normal. We got a old biddy in the street that retired and loves to complain bout anything to anyone, as she got nothing...
  4. I

    QLD Can I Contest Traffic Infringement Notice on a Bureaucratic Technicality?

    I was caught doing 82kms in a 70km zone but when my traffic infringement notice came in the mail, it had the correct registration number but refers to a car that was written off over 5 years ago - a white Toyota Yaris. But at the time of being booked, I was driving my replacement car, a red...
  5. B

    NSW Am I Entitled to a Refund for New Mitsubishi Car?

    Hi, I have bought a brand new car and after 8 months, it has had a major failure. The car company is trying to fix it but can't find the problem. The car isn't able to be driven and I am not entitled to a hire car while it's being fixed. I am losing money by not being able to work and am...
  6. C

    VIC What are Our Rights Regarding Lemon Car?

    We brought a new Mitsubishi Pajero in February 2014. We planned an 8-week holiday in SA towing, a caravan. We brought the car for this purpose. We left Victoria in the middle of August 2014 with just over 1500km on the clock. It had its due service before we left. A week in to our holiday in...
  7. P

    SA Australian Consumer Law on Mitsubishi Car - Options to Get Refund?

    I have recently purchased a new MQ Mitsubishi Triton utility from Agostino Mitsubishi dealer in Elizabeth SA. During the initial test drive, I asked the salesman about a vibration on acceleration from stationary and I was told it was due to the demo car having high tyeare pressure and that we...
  8. K

    NSW Car Yard Sold us Wrong Car Model - What to Do?

    Hi, my dad recently purchased a 2010 Mitsubishi GLXR Triton for me. After 6 months, we have realised it's not even a GLXR model, it's just a GLR and they have replaced the back tray and bars with a GLXR back tray. We have had nothing but problems including a blown diff. We are just wanting to...
  9. T

    NSW Paid Deposit for Car Motor but Seller Non-Responsive

    Quick question. I made a deposit of $600 for a $1200 Motor out of a Mitsubishi 380 5 weeks ago, But the seller has been non responsive for 3 weeks. I have sent a message every 2 - 3 days without response and requested my deposit back, No response has been received. I've even said Keep $100 and...
  10. D

    QLD Faulty Mitsubishi Lancer - Next Steps?

    I am seriously hoping someone can help me here. Beginning of last year I purchased a new Mitsubishi Lancer, and noticed there was a minor electrical fault. Since buying the vehicle, I have had to take it back to the dealership to have fixed, although Mitsubishi hasn't been able to fix the...