WA Discovery of Rhino Horn in Back Shed - What to Do?

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17 June 2015

This is a bit of a strange one and I'm not sure if posting on here will help but here goes.

My partner and I recently moved into an old rental house. Recently our curiosity with the back shed got the better of us, so we asked the owner if we could have a look inside and clear it out for some of our own items. He said that we could and that one of the previous tenants from years ago had left some boxes that we were free to browse through as the tenants were no longer with us.

Among the old clocks and biscuit tins we found a heavily wrapped item hidden well out of sight. After unwrapping this mystery item, we found it to be what appeared to be a rhinoceros horn, it seems real as the smell was horrendous.

My question is, should we report it? And if so, who to?

From what I've heard, rhino horn trade is illegal, but seeing as we only found the item, would we be able to possibly sell it legally?

Tim W

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28 April 2014
Consider contacting the Wildlife Trade Regulation Section of the Commonwealth Department of the Environment.
Call (02) 6274 1900 or email them on [email protected]