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  1. M

    Onshore/Offshore Partner Visa?

    Hi there. Hope someone can help. Currently we're looking to apply for a partner visa for my wife but we're a little unsure of a point in the application. My wife is currently on a student visa which has no restrictions regarding applying for other visas. We had a long distance relationship...
  2. D

    NSW Newbie need helps please?

    Hi everyone! I’m a newbie here, looking for helps please? I got this case, I went to some agents and solicitors but they got me more confused. So I hope you all can lend me some advice please? Many thanks in advance. Case ; X met Z. X is Citizen Oz. Z is Bridging A, under Z’ ex. The Ex is...
  3. Misty Rose

    VIC Partner threatening to take baby from me

    My partner threatens a fair bit to leave me/throw me out our home and also take our 11 week old baby from me. I’m worried as I’m not Australian (British), he is and I’m currently waiting to see if I’m granteed my visa. 1. Can he get full rights over me for our baby? 2. If I’m deported is...
  4. G

    WA partner visa - ex contacted

    Hello I am looking for some advice on a partner visa. we have been together a year coming up soon and we will be applying for a partner sponsorship. the only issue is that my partner was previously sponsored by his ex (granted 2013) then achieved his PR in 2016 my question is: will immi...
  5. HazelSmith

    QLD Applying for Partner Visa for a Third Time?

    My friend who is 59 years old begins a long distance online relationship with a 28 years old lady boy from the Philippines. They met in person once and his trans g/f stayed for a month with him on a visitor visa. On his records, he already sponsored his first wife from Fiji in 1994 and his...
  6. M

    VIC De Facto - Ex is Trying to Register New Relationship?

    My ex-fiancé and I were in a de facto relationship and still are, according to our Centrelink details. Our breakup was very recent and we haven’t finished sorting out how to separate our property and we are still on a lease together at the moment. We separated due to his affair with his very...
  7. S

    Mother and Child Partner Visa

    A young women has been with her Australian partner for 2 years and they have a 5 month old child. The relationship is a bit rocky... he is not working and they have financial issues. What happens to the child and the woman's visa if she decides to seperate from him? She is afraid of going...
  8. N

    VIC Wife Filing Divorce in India - Husband Living in Australia?

    Hi all, I am living in Australia from last 7 year and got my Permanent residency 3 years ago and waiting for my Citizenship Ceremony. I got married in Feb 2018 and not my wife is filing a divorce on me. I filed her partner visa in October 2018 but is yet to be granted. As per the advice from...
  9. G

    NSW Registering a De-Facto Relationship Before Divorce?

    I am currently legally married but separated. I have a new partner that I live with in NSW and we want to apply for a Partner Visa for her ( Visa 820 ). We do not meet the criteria for the minimum 12 month period for a de-facto relationship, but we can have this period waived if we register...
  10. J

    WA Incorrect Information on Current Visa

    I’m currently here in Australia on the first year of my 417 Working Holiday Visa with plans to apply for my 2nd year visa in April and by April 2020 I plan to have submitted my application for a partner visa (820) as I am in a defacto relationship with an Australian. I’m already looking ahead...