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  1. B

    What counts as a "criminal conviction" in the character requirement portion of temporary visa applications?

    Hey everyone, I'm really confused as to how I'm supposed to answer the question about if I've ever been convicted of an offence for a 600 visa. I'm from the US, and I've never had any misdemeanors or felonies. However I have had a traffic ticket and a ticket for drinking on the beach, both of...
  2. S

    Visa subclass 100 and separation

    Hi guys, I'm married to an Australian citizen. I hold partner visa subclass 100, I've been living in Australia for 8 months now. We are married for over 2 years, been in a relationship for 6 years. Recently we decided that we want to seperate. Do I have any chance to stay in Australia? Do I have...
  3. C

    VISA 600 for spouse

    Hi, I've TWIN Caesarean operation in the earlier Aug. but my spouse applied VISA 600 temporary VISA for twins birth and care, but it has submitted 3 months , and no any news from immigration. we applied online by ourselves, it looks like no way to communicate to IMMI for it. Is there anyone...
  4. S

    QLD Information on ENS obligations for 186 PR visa

    Hi Please please!!! Could I gain some advice or reference, to the legal obligations for employers sponsoring on the 186 PR visa. I'm currently on the 457 visa , my employer want to know their obligation, if they were to sponsor me for the 186 PR visa. I.E Do they need to provide my medical...
  5. J

    NSW Visitor visa due to covid?

    I am currently on whv 462 which expires in August. I live with my partner and have so since arriving in Australia and we are in a registered relationship. I was due to complete my required 3 months farm work at the beginning of the year but have been unable to do so due to corona virus. This...
  6. theonewriter

    Can i bring my partner as a student visa

    Morning, I’am an Australian resident, married very recently. We know each other for nearly 15 years and its an arrangement marriage. In the mutual agreement we stood up with the decision : due to work conditions and need to apply my citizenship so I have to come back to australia and my partner...
  7. J

    Tax on Working Holiday visa

    Hello, I am under a WHV (subclass 417) and i started farm work (specified to get a second year visa) a few weeks ago. I noticed that there is no tax on my pay slips. So i asked my manager and he says it is normal for the TFN declaration i have signed. I asked him a picture of it, and it shows...
  8. eds542

    NSW Return Resident Visa Application

    Hi, Essential Facts: I am 34 years old and hold a valid passport from the USA; I am currently on a 186 visa, the travel facility of which expired on 30 December 2019; I was sentenced to a 2 year good behaviour bond for drug possession; The 2 year good behaviour bond was from 2015 until 2017...
  9. P

    VIC How will a separation affect a dependent applicant's Visa 190

    My sister and her husband got married in May 2016. In 2018, they applied for PR with her husband as primary applicant and my sister as a dependent applicant on Visa 190. In April 2019, my sister went to Australia but her husband did not and has never been to Australia(he's allowed to make 1st...
  10. Curioussim

    NT Can an AVO Affect My Visa Application?

    Hi there, I have an AVO taken out against me by my ex-wife in 2015, and expired one year after it. Now that I have applied for skilled migration visa and it is currently being assessed at immigration department. I have never been convicted and my national police check is clean, so can the...