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  1. S

    QLD Bridging Visa and Pregnant

    In early 2018 my best friend met and started a relationship with a South American girl aged 42 who at the time was in Australia on a student visa. The relationship developed and she is now on a bridging visa while awaiting a decision on her permanent residency thru partner prospective...
  2. D

    NSW Land Tax Surcharge for Foreigners - Any Recourse?

    Is land tax surcharge for foreigners? My property is under my name (citizen) and my partner (bridging visa). I received a letter from NSW service that my partner have to pay land tax. I am the first home loan owner then my partner. My partner has left the country for good over 2 years ago...
  3. P

    NSW Impact of Assault Charges on Permanent Residency Application?

    Hi there, I have common assault charges on me for which hearing is in the coming days. I have submitted all the documents after getting the invite from NSW and is on bridging visa A. My PCC is all clear as the charges got on me were after that date. I have submitted all the documents except...
  4. A

    Bridging Visa 820/801

    Hi my friends, I got my tourist visa 600, detail below: Length of stay: 3 months Multiple entries Last day to entry: 1 Feb 2022 No condition 8503 During 3 months my visiting in Aus, I apply visa 820/801. In the case, Bridging Visa A will be active at the end of 3 months stay OR will it be...
  5. N

    VIC Bridging Visa B Exceptions and Work Rights?

    Dear Sir/ Madam, I work in Iraq but live in Australia with my partner, while I hold 12 months tourist/ visitor visa. We are about to lodge an application for Partner visa subclass 820/801. I understand I will get a bridging visa A as soon as I submit my papers. I am also aware that if I need to...
  6. R

    SA Student Visa Rejected - Dealing with AAT?

    My student visa was rejected on the grounds that I did not meet the GTE requirements. I have lodged an application for a review to the AAT. The COE/course attached to the student visa has finished (July 2018). The AAT has not listed my review. What will happen if the AAT is successful? Will I...
  7. S

    VIC Aged Parent Visa and Parent Visa Questions

    Hello, I am looking to get a more in-depth understanding of the Aged Parent visa (subclass 804) and the Partner visa 820/801, which is how I ended up on this forum. The Partner visa will be for me and the Aged Parent Visa will be for my parents. Based on the background information that I have...
  8. Nickstone92

    WA Permanent Residency for People with Criminal Offence?

    Hi All, I've recently been charged with an offence and had my visa cancelled under the surveillance act for recording a private activity in which I'm not a part of. I got onto a bridging visa E so that I can fly back to my home country voluntarily and not be detained or deported. My criminal...
  9. S

    NSW Can Partner Apply for De Facto Visa a Second Time?

    Hello, My partner was on a de facto visa (457 visa) with a previous partner (Last Jan), however when they separated, she got sponsored through her work and was on a bridging visa for a while. At what point would she be able to go on de facto on my 186 Visa? Or if she can at all? Thanks,
  10. C

    NSW Ex from Overseas Lodged Partner Visa - What to Do?

    I am an Australian citizen and was born here. I am in a long distance relationship with my partner who lives in the UK for the last 2.5 years. My ex who I broke up with in 2013 was also from overseas (India) and was wanting me to sponsor him with a partner visa. At first I agreed, I gave the...