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BCS-FACS is the BCS Formal Aspects of Computing Science Specialist Group.

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  1. H

    NSW Can I sue my former landlord (FACS) for emotional distress caused by their negligence regarding their anti-social tenant who is known to by police?

    I suffer from mental health (anxiety neurosis and obsessive compulsive disorder) since the age of 15. I lived in Housing commission apartment with my mother. When a former tenant died, her apartment was given to a male in his early 20s. We enjoyed peace and quiet until his arrival. As tenants we...
  2. adi

    NSW Subpoena FACS - documents that I need to request

    Hi, I have an ongoing "parenting order" application in Federal Circuit Court. I am self representing myself and had a question on issuing subpoena to FACS. If you can kindly answer, that will help me a lot. Allegations were made against me in relation to my daughter and the matter was...
  3. S

    NSW Need your help please

    Hi all My name is Sam from NSW, im seperated from my ex partner and I have a 4 year old child who lives with me 3 days a week and 4 days a week with the mother. Recently the mother has been reported by some one to FACS and FACS got involved. The police have raided the house with a search warrant...
  4. N

    NSW Supervised Access Due to ADVO?

    Hey all, I am the applicant in a child access case in the Federal Circuit Court of NSW. I am currently seeing my baby son under supervised visits due to concerns about my alcohol and marijuana use. I am a primary school teacher who continues to work unsupervised with young children as their...
  5. L

    NSW Ex Disrupting Shared Care - Call FACS?

    Please help me again! My ex is now refusing to take back the kids again until Wednesday because of her low funds. Or she will take them back sooner if I drop them off with cash. I agree to her terms of property settlement and she gets her car back that she refuses to pay for from the sale of...
  6. L

    NSW Help with Child Support Assessment Challenge?

    Hi all Looking for some help from people with experience with child support payment assessment challenges. I've been paying child support for the last two years. I pay a lot of money each month ($1300) but have never refused payment or even questioned the amount, despite possibly having a...
  7. M

    NSW Fences Dispute with a Housing Property - What to Do?

    Our property shares a boundary fence with a Housing NSW owned property. We only found out recently when our tenant advised our agent that the fence is falling apart and the Housing tenant's dog next door keeps pulling the fence palings down and coming into the yard. They stated that this has...
  8. R

    NSW Advice on suing NSW FaCS (DoCS)

    Hi needing to get some info on how to go about suing NSW FaCS? I want to sue them for failing to protect a child that was under 16 years old back from 1999 til 2003. The mother kicked the girl out at the age of 12 and had no choice but to live on the streets and was sleeping in a public park...
  9. R

    NSW NSW FaCS removed my 2 kids is this legally right?

    Hi, NSW FaCS formally DoCS came and removed my 2 children on Friday evening, they came with the police with a search warrant and a warrant of removal. Now the caseworker is a new one as I asked for another as the last one did nothing but lie to us and in front of the police as well and the...
  10. D

    NSW Family Law - How to Keep Child Safe?

    Hi all, My son is 3 years old and I have grave fears for his future. His father is a very heavy disciplinarian. Screams at him for as little as spilling his drink, "You useless c**t of a kid, how f***ing hard is it! You do it every f***ing night!". In situations where our son has ignored or...