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  1. Shop1

    VIC Privacy and call recording?

    Hi, If you call an insurance company regarding a claim against you, and the operator says that the call will be recorded, if you refuse for them to record the call, is it legal for them to continue to record? Just wondering the legalalities regarding your personal privacy in these matters...
  2. M

    QLD Right to Block Retaining Wall?

    The back border of my property has a large block retaining wall with height ranging from 1.5 metres to over 3 metres in height. The wall is vertical. 1) Does there need to be a safety fence on top of the wall? 2) Do we have a right to some sort of privacy fence on top of the wall as their...
  3. SophieW

    ACT Family Law - Sharing Our Good News Story

    I just want to first thank all the members of this community, which is such a godsend in such an awful process. I wanted to share our story and maybe give someone out there some hope that things can work out. I'll keep it brief, and vague for privacy. In a nutshell, my partner's ex denied...
  4. A

    QLD Breach of Privacy to Post Someone’s Mobile Number Without Consent?

    Hi, I’m in the process of investigating an idea for a new app. After some searching, there are two key hurdles I’m hoping to get some guidance on (in QLD but more broadly Australia) Firstly a privacy concern: 1. Is it illegal to post an individual’s mobile number as their primary reference...
  5. T

    VIC Estate Agent exclusive agreement contract cancellation

    Our friends decided to purchase our house, went via the estate agent, signed the contract of sale conditional on building and pest and finance. Signed on 23rd Dec, our agent told us that if they could not get a building inspector through in 5 days the building and pest part became void. Our...
  6. N

    NSW Rights to Privacy and Personal Data Protection at Work?

    Hi, First of all, please allow me to apologise for my bad English and grammar mistakes. My company doesn't require a photo to be uploaded to the company Skype, but my manager did. I was asked several times and was at one point given a deadline to act on it. I asked him to see whether it's...
  7. T

    WA Text message privacy

    My wife has been receiving unsolicited text messages from an ex-colleague. These messages are in the vein of “if I buy this house will you run away with me” and “please don’t marry him, we’d be so happy together” This man is married with children and I believe his wife should be informed of his...
  8. L

    QLD Privacy - Intimate Image Shared Without Consent?

    Can an intimate image of yourself be shared without your consent in someone else’s legal proceedings under privacy law?
  9. Andy Mann

    NSW Ex-partner Repeatedly Threatening to Contact My Girlfriend - Restraining Order?

    Morning everyone, let me explain. My ex lives approx. 2 hours away from me and we have been co-parenting as per a private legal agreement. I have 2 children, 13 & 11 years old and she has her own older son who is 25 years of age. I was caring for the kids at our house which I've agreed to give...
  10. M

    VIC Privacy - FOI question regarding the AEC

    To make a long story short - I requested some info from the AEC (Aust Electoral Commission) as we believe they have done something dodgy and we need info to prove this. We requested certain documents and our request was ignored, so the Information Commissioner has now directed them to give us a...