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    WA Stepping away from legal proceedings

    HI, i need to know my options I'm half way through court proceedings but no closer to settling or resolving the dispute of parenting orders. I have no financial backing, have recently moved jobs so can't get a personal loan and have sold all the small assets I have. I have decided to walk away...
  2. G

    NSW General Opinions on Applying for Family Court Orders?

    Hi all, it's been a while since my last post! This is NSW if that helps. I'm just hoping for some general opinions for questions I have. It's not where I wanted to be heading, but there have been some serious enough (for me) breaches of our family court orders made approx 1 1/2 years ago. I'm...
  3. D

    QLD Evicting the family and possibly defacto partner from a property

    Hi I've been contacted by an owner who is currently living overseas to resolve a civil dispute between himself and his tenants and I was wondering what the likelihood of receiving a termination notice and warrant of possession was given the circumstances. The owner left the country...
  4. E

    Maladministration of will

    I’ve got some serious reservations about the distribution of a will that was meant to be split amongst the surviving children... What evidence does the executor need to provide about the administration of the deceased estate? What can be done if it’s later found out one of the executors was...
  5. Q

    Undertaking for visitation - how strong is this document?

    I’m looking for a bit of advice please people! So the father of my 4 yo child is having our child over the Xmas break, after not seeing the child since February (now 10 months) .... he’s never really been involved in her life however has had times over the past 4 years that he has had her for...
  6. T

    VIC Divorced without acknowledge

    My family is immigranted to Australia for 6 years already and suddenly my dad want to get a divorce. Without my mum’s knowledge, somehow he took her to the police and asked her to sign a divorce paper. My mum can’t read nor she can understand English. He told her that it was just a paperwork...
  7. H

    TAS Grandmother Access to Deceased Son's Child

    I am trying to obtain access to my recently deceased son's young child after the mother has suddenly decided to refuse me and my son's only sibling who actually found her brother deceased from an (previously unknown to us) medical condition, any further access after having him every weekend for...
  8. L

    NSW De Facto Step-Parent's Access to Children After Separation?

    Hello, First time posting here, I'm sure it won't be the last... I have recently left my de facto partner of 7 years. I have two young children (11 and 8), not biologically his, from a previous relationship. Since separating, I have tried to maintain a relationship between him and the...
  9. M

    QLD Family Dispute Resolution - How to Stop Trial Call Over?

    Hi All, Quick question, and yes I appear to have made a mistake at my previous hearing back in September 2017. I was rather bullish and kept demanding an early trial. I have been sent paperwork stating that trial call over is now at the end of the month. The ex's family lawyer seems to be...
  10. Mexity

    QLD Family Dispute Resolution

    Hi, My partner has gone to Mediation to start the process of seeing his children. For 2 Years she has refused any contact between my partner & his children. His ex hasn't responded to any invitations that FDR has sent her & FDR now say there is nothing they can do. The letters haven't been...