VIC Boundary Fence Issue with Neighbours - What to Do?

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31 July 2014
My neighbour is building three units townhouse. Recently he took off our boundary fence without letting us know. The day before the fence took off, we saw a quote for the fence but it stated the neighbour house number and no further detail or notification. So I return to next door, as the house hasn't had mailbox yet, so I just place anywhere I can and visible. The next day , our fence has been took off.

What sort of right I have ? What can I do to resolve this? I really wants my fence back as next door is building site I find it not secure and the pedestrian can see through my backyard and my house directly. I couldn't let my 3 years old son play in the backyard, and I hardly can open the window. I call the council but council said they can't do anything except talk to my neighbour . However my husband and I work full time and we didn't know who is the owner. Do we need to pay for the fence as I think probably it can be fix rather than remove the whole fence replace the new one. How do we demand to put the fence back ASAP?

I saw the other side of the neighbour fence has been replaced. Just for the information, 2 years ago we have told the tenant to tell the landlord to fix before have to remove the old fence but the landlord ignore it. Now , the fences condition was bad at the back because few of the pieces come out but I think just need people to put it back but front part was ok. Now they removed the whole thing.
Please someone help me, what should I do under property law?