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Our Town is a 1938 metatheatrical three-act play by American playwright Thornton Wilder which won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama. The play tells the story of the fictional American small town of Grover's Corners between 1901 and 1913 through the everyday lives of its citizens.
Throughout, Wilder uses metatheatrical devices, setting the play in the actual theatre where it is being performed. The main character is the stage manager of the theatre who directly addresses the audience, brings in guest lecturers, fields questions from the audience, and fills in playing some of the roles. The play is performed without a set on a mostly bare stage. With a few exceptions, the actors mime actions without the use of props.
Our Town was first performed at McCarter Theatre in Princeton, New Jersey in 1938. It later went on to success on Broadway and won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama. It remains popular today and revivals are frequent.

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  1. O

    VIC Neighbours swimming pool drained into our property has killed trees

    We have a recently arrived neighbour that we have not yet met, who has purchased an adjoining property, who appears to have drained a salt water swimming pool into our garden. I looked over the fence and saw a hose running from his now empty salt chlorinated pool up to our fence which is...
  2. thommoAj

    Neighbour has Privacy Screen Attached to common Fence - I painted our side.

    Hi, we have a common fence, and on the neighbor's side a privacy screen is attached, the screen extends perhaps 1/2 a meter above the common fence. Not sure when the privacy screen was added but it was before the current owners bought the house next door, and probably before we bought it, so...
  3. N

    QLD My business partner is threatening to sue me if I inform the ATO of wrong doings in our business

    I am in a partnership governed by terms and conditions of the partnership. My business partner promised me that he would change the tax structure of the company once I become a shareholder and pay him the money. I did that but he has failed to take any steps to rectify the company tax position...
  4. J

    VIC IVO/DFFH advise vs Orders/Custody of children

    In May 2022 I was hospitalised due to substance abuse. My ex partner was also using at the time and while I was in hospital she had DFFH remove our children from her care and into the care of their maternal grandmother (her mother). I was in hospital for two weeks and detoxed and cleaned myself...
  5. M

    QLD DENYING FATHER ADDRESS; can he withhold our child for my visitation?

    Hi. I have a 12 year old daughter with my ex. Recently I consented without admission to a DVO (for derogatory texts) that he went to the police for, himself and his new partner were placed on the order and I’m not to be within 100m apart from custody agreement pick up and drop off. Since this...
  6. O

    NSW Builder Next Door Erected Scaffolding in rear Yard of Our Commercial Property Without Consent

    hi, next door to our small shop near the station a block of low rise units are being built. Unbeknown to us, until tenant sent photo, builder has partially removed paling fence & erected scaffolding on our property abutting boundary to facilitate construction of wall which is approved along the...
  7. C

    VIC Car written off whilst parked outside our house. Can I sue?

    My car was parked outside my house when a driver whom blew over 0.05 smashed into it and wrote off both cars. The insurance won’t cover the cost of replacement as it was a rare car with an insurance limit. Do I have grounds to sue the driver and if so, how do I proceed?
  8. A

    WA Home & contents insurance claim proceeding but policy has only one of two names on the title deed.

    X partner has Home & contents insurance on joint house that burnt down, am I entitled to any monies as I am on the title deed? Or could she just pay her half of whats owing on the morgage & walk away leaving me with a debt & no where to live? How can an insurance company payout 355k to only...
  9. I

    VIC transfer of property

    Can we transfer our property to our children before we die
  10. J

    NSW Our roof literally blew off.

    Hi all we live in North Curl Curl, well we did until the recent storms! The property was rented and we have lived there for 7 years. We frequently notified the landlord and agent of issues with the house and on the last property inspection by the Principle my wife and I indicated our concerns...