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  1. B

    NSW Fences and insurance

    I received a payout that included fences in the bushfires. My neighbour put up a fence without my approval. My question is, am I legally obliged to pay this neighbour the insurance money I received for that portion of the fence?
  2. Unicorngully

    QLD Built a House on Husband's Family's Property - Property Law Rights?

    Hello, Thank you for taking the time to read my question. We (husband and I) built a house on my husband's family property, over 20 years ago (with their permission). We have lived here full time, raised our children here. I work within the local community. My husband and adult son (who still...
  3. S

    Retaining wall on boundary created by neighbour's tennis court.

    We have a 40m boundary with our neighbours which had an old tennis court fence for 29m and low fence for 11m. Our neighbour recently replaced the retaining wall on 15m of our shared boundary - the wall exists due to their tennis court being dug into the hill. The old tennis court fence which...
  4. K

    NSW Adjoining owners boundary fence on my land

    We have had a survey done of an adjoining boundary and have discovered that our neighbour has erected their fence and plants on our property. The fence is inside our boundary 40cm and up to 1m running about 50m. We have served them with a boundary and fencing notice, stating that we still own...
  5. J

    VIC Property Law on Collapsing Garage Wall?

    Hi, My neighbor has a garage built in brick on the property line, which serves as the fence between us. The wall is falling down, has large cracks in it, is leaning over towards my side, and the cracks are up to 2 inchs wide in some sections. It's obviously a death hazard if it collapses on...
  6. W

    WA Dividing Fences Act WA vs Exclusive Use – Responsibility

    Owners of our Units have exclusive use rights to their back yards, which have fences surrounding them shared/dividing them from different adjoining properties (properties not part of our Strata). Regarding these fences, which may need repairing or replacement, who has the responsibility for...
  7. Resq123

    NSW Where the bottom of the fence should begin??

    My neighbour has requested a fence, which we clearly need. The top wall is his and the bottom wall is mine. The white peg is the boundary between our blocks. He wants to put a colorbond fence up and originally I asked if it could go on top of his wall but he has refused saying his wall is 30mm...
  8. T

    NSW Neighbour tree affecting fence

    Hi, The neighbour had planted their trees next to the fence, now the tree is growing into the fence and pushing towards our side. Is there a law against this or it is normal?
  9. M

    QLD Retaining wall and fencing enquiry

    Hi, I'm new to the forum and looking for some advice in regards to retaining and fencing. We built a property in 2017 in an estate which is built on sloping land. Some time before we moved into the property there was heavy rain which washed soil from our property into our next door neighbours...
  10. M

    NSW Fences Dispute with a Housing Property - What to Do?

    Our property shares a boundary fence with a Housing NSW owned property. We only found out recently when our tenant advised our agent that the fence is falling apart and the Housing tenant's dog next door keeps pulling the fence palings down and coming into the yard. They stated that this has...