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An image (from Latin: imago) is an artifact that depicts visual perception, such as a photograph or other two-dimensional picture, particularly one that resembles a subject (usually a physical object). In the context of signal processing, an image is a distributed amplitude of color(s).

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  1. J

    NSW Any Nsw solicitors who are available at short notice to fix pleadings for me?

    Any Nsw solicitors who are defamation specialists who are available at short notice to fix pleadings for me? Needs to be done in next couple of days.
  2. V

    Injury from Relationship and how damages are considered during Property Settlement

    I was injured during my relationship with my ex. I was his full time carer and suffered vertebrae injury that persists today. I also suffered psychological injury that is long term now. I suffer pain and I’m not able to work full time and have expected medical costs related to the i furies. We...
  3. H

    VIC What Capital expenditure costs are deemed to reduce your capital gains tax?

    Is a monetary settlement sum when paying a third party to agree to remove a caveat deemed capital expenditure is defending or preserving your capital gains tax asset?
  4. J

    NSW Are settlements taxable?

    For non - economic loss? Not for like lost income or workers compensation.
  5. M

    TAS What are valid reason for obtaining court case documents (transcripts,evidences ect )

    hi i am trying to get everything about a old murder cases and im wanting to know some valid reason for the courts
  6. C

    VIC Can a recovery order (submitted by father) be applied for if their is currently an IVO (against father) but children's names are spelt incorrectly?

    IVO was submitted by officer who (unknowingly) fell victim to false statement including incorrect surnames of children (to mothers maiden name). Mother has been asked to correct however has still refused to. Can a recovery order be issued given the children are not named (using legal name or...
  7. johnhowardfundau

    What are the benefits of life insurance and policy What is life insurance?

    Hi, I want to know what are the benefits of life insurance and policy what is life insurance?
  8. J

    NSW When are Avo Statment tendered as evidence?

    Are Avo statements tendered as evidence: A.) on the date of the Directions Order stating the date witness statements must be filed with the court; or B.) The date of the Avo hearing? Essententially when can the other party rely on the statements that have been made by the other party and use...
  9. R

    NSW Are all the elements of a valid contract present? Can you explain?

    A man named James sold his 1965 e-type jaguar car to a girl named Shirley for $18,500. During the negotiations James claimed that the car was actually a 1963 model, which were rarer, and therefore more valuable. Shirley, who was 17 at the time of purchase, bought the car on the understanding it...