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An image (from Latin: imago) is an artifact that depicts visual perception, such as a photograph or other two-dimensional picture, particularly one that resembles a subject (usually a physical object). In the context of signal processing, an image is a distributed amplitude of color(s).

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    enquiry about lifestyle of lawyers in Australia and what are all the possibilities available for an International student from India?

    Hi, I am an Indian Citizen and i have just graduated from law school here. ( I did a 5 year integrated law program BALLB). I had applied for my Llm in Australia and had received an offer from an university in Melbourne for the current intake i.e August 2020, but due to COVID 19 and how the...
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    Sex offences in uk and au are exacly same as each other??

    Hello im not australian iam a researcher that want searcb about au sex offences criminal law for my thesis and i have some questions 1_is au criminal law exacly same as uk ?and are there lots of different between criminal law speacially about sex offences?
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    VIC Bought a lemon car off a private seller, second hand, has caused me significant damage. Wondering what my rights are?

    HI there, I bought a Ford Ranger 2007 second-hand from a private seller on 26 Feb, 2020 - i bought it through On the description the owner disclosed that 2 things needed fixing - the rear light and new tires. After purchase i took it to the mechanic and they fixed those things...
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    VIC what are the criteria to prove a permanent part time vs casual, please?

    I have been working as a casual with no annual or personal leave since Nov'15. On a higher rate than part time. I do have set hours , set rate per hour. Also set duties and responsibilities each week same hours. First working 20 hours per week, then 22.5 hours ( set days- same each week) and...
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    VIC Are the rules around COVID19 legal? Can the fines and orders be fought in court?

    So, I saw the story about gun stores that were forced to shut down due to new "rules" now saying they are banding together and going to sue the state government 'I can't pay bills': Gun dealers set to sue police over ban on sales ...and it made me think about our individual rights and freedoms...
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    NSW Hit by a rental car. What are our rights when not at fault?

    Last november we were travelling down a main road in Maroubra when we were struck by a vehicle that went straight through a give way sign and into the drivers side of our car. The driver admited they were at fault and we even got a contact witness. Police were called but refused to come. Turns...
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    Confidentiality Agreements. How enforceable are they?

    Hi, My question is: I have been employed by a Police Force years ago and I vaguely remember signing some type of 'confidentiality agreement', similar to signing under 'The Secrets Act' in the Army. I have written a book and am wondering how enforceable this 'agreement' would be. I'm not letting...
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    Roles of Executors and Deteriorating house.

    I am the co executor of an estate with 3 siblings living in the property. They are all beneficiaries. The house is to be kept for 8 years under the will as long as people wish to live there and are responsible for maintenance. The original intent of the statement was need to live there. All...