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  1. C

    VIC Divorce Before Australian Citizenship Ceremony?

    Hi, I have been working in Australia with my permanent residency for 5 years and I passed my Australian citizenship exam and it was approved recently. I am awaiting my ceremony to get a passport. My wife decided to divorce ASAP. Does it affect my ceremony schedule if we lodge a divorce file...
  2. A

    QLD Relinquishing parental rights QLD

    Hi everyone. My daughter 15 years old. We have had no contact with her Father for approx 3 years. no bday, Xmas messages or phone calls, no care during any hospital admissions, no questions and conversations around schooling. Miss 15 is wanting a passport (we have family overseas... she...
  3. J

    Gym Passport Cancellation

    Hi, I had/have(?) been using a service that allows access to multiple selected gyms for a reasonable fee. It is a service pair for fortnightly via direct debit, which has cancellation fees for signing up for less than 12 months. I have been a member for over 12 months. I have not used this...
  4. Michaelh1957

    NSW Unable to Obtain Australian Citizenship Papers?

    I am an Australian passport holder who was born overseas and had parents born overseas as well. I am now being asked to prove citizenship again when I tried to renew my passport. I have tried several times to apply for a citizenship certificate, even though I've held multiple Australian...
  5. G

    Mother refuses to sign 15 yr old daughter's passport renewal application

    Hi I (the dad) have booked my 15 year old daughter on a USA Basketball tour leaving Melbourne on December 4th 2019 (the day of her 16th Birthday) and returning to Melbourne on 22nd December 2019 The mother knew about the idea to allow my daughter go on this tour and saw the itinerary and...
  6. A

    QLD Hidden Passport - Grandparents Keeping Children from Father?

    I'm a single father. I’ve been living and working overseas for more than 15 years and wife passed away. My children, 11 and 15 years old, were born and raised overseas where I’m living. I allowed them to live with my parents and go to school in Australia for the last 3 years to study English...
  7. K

    QLD Married in Vanuatu - Marriage Certificate and Assistance with the Legalities?

    Hi, My husband and I were married in Vanuatu 15 years ago. At a time when there was no Google. When I got back, I used our marriage certificate to change my name on everything to my married name. A few years later, when I went to change my passport I wasn’t able to as they would only accept a...
  8. N

    SA Ex Withholding Son's Passport - Help?

    Hi, My son's Father has his passport in his possession and is ignoring me when I ask for it. We have a holiday booked for August 2019 which he is aware of. Background: Ex took our son away to NZ on holiday in 2017. I signed and provided parental content for him to get our son's passport. Now...
  9. S

    QLD Family Court - Wife Wants to Take Child Back to Thailand?

    Seeking help for my son who is the father of a 21/2-year-old. My son's wife is wanting to take my grandson back to her home country (Thailand) for good, stating the marriage is over. My grandson was born here, has an Australian passport. My son is not allowing him to leave the country (he has...
  10. O

    NSW Proof of permanent resident status

    My husband has recently applied for a job. He came to Australia in 1970 as a minor (16 years old) with his parents under the Assisted Passage Migration Scheme (ten pound poms). Since that time he has never left the country and has lived and worked here. His new employer wishes to verify his...