VIC filipina girl imported for sex trade and no way to report anonymously

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Penny Ford

5 February 2020
Perhaps someone can advise: A filipina girl entered Australia today to be with a guy who clearly is involved in trafficking. She is desperate to get out of Philippines and has formed several relationships with foreign men from a variety of countries at the same time, always asking them for money and travel. She has intimated to friends that she will overstay and get lost in any country she can get to if she can find a man to help her. The Australian guy she has now come to Australia to be with met her online in 2019 and then in person in Manila and promised future to her. Two witnesses in Manila very recently heard his conversation with an associate about intentions to "sell" her for prostitution after her arrival in Australia. It was a seemingly serious discussion even containing details about not "overusing" her so as to avoid "wearing her out and making her worth less money to punters". After they left the table a third girl joined them and told of how he brought her to Australia previously, took her passport away and then made her have sex with multiple men repeatedly, always charging the men for the privilege. She apparently only got out of the country after she got mentally traumatised and so sick physically she was no longer of use to him. She reports that he has done it to several girls over several years.

So, there are two situations all rolled in together here. One is that the visitor to Australia certainly intends to become an illegal either on this visit or a future one. And the second is that the guy she is with clearly has nefarious plans which are probably far worse than she has ever imagined. Reporting it to border control does not appear to be anonymous (even though a reporting person can select an "anonymous option" on the form) because the accompanying information states clearly that the website tracks ALL system identities such as IP addresses and device identities and all reports are traced for the departments use! Similarly with the phone hotline all calls are back traced to the users.

She is also already in the country so it becomes harder to trace them - her full name and Philippines address is fully known but his identity is not. And the girl who was historically involved is too afraid to go official and give the details she has. Most of these girls will not want to be identified for the obvious reasons of trouble from authorities over their own work and also fear of reprisals from the men involved.

Anyone know of any way to report this and truly stay anonymous??

It's obviously a very serious matter and she would seem to be at great risk, especially because her visa is apparently very short term so things could happen quickly..


Well-Known Member
13 May 2019
Have you considered using a VPN? Download the Opera browser, it has a free VPN you can use. That will keep you anonymous.