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  1. C

    TAS Restraining order question

    OK so the deal is my step dad left my mom suddenly. 4 months after my brother committed suicide. my mom has been a mental wreck ever since. He hasn't lived here since sep. he left on his own. Since then he's been mentally harassing my mom. making her have suicidal thoughts. we have no car. we...
  2. S

    WA Ex-wife Accused Me of Sexually Interfering with My Children - Help?

    I was due to collect my kids at 5 pm on Friday for their weekend visit. At around midday, I received an email from her saying I'm not to pick up the kids and contact child services. She also stopped me from seeing them during avisit before with no reason why. I contacted legal people and said...
  3. N

    WA Contesting Family Violence Restraining Order - Help?

    HI all, I need some help. I am in South Australia and started proceedings to get access/custody of my children in the Federal Circuit Court last month. My wife has left the state and taken our children with her. She has cited Domestic Violence but there has been none. There are no...
  4. A

    QLD Can I get a restraining order?

    Hi, My ex boyfriend has sent me two emails after being blocked on everything including email and I’ve told him not to contact me otherwise I’d get a restraining order on him. He has also messaged my dad and he talks to my boyfriend too. I don’t have too much evidence but he also has raped me in...
  5. T

    WA Possible to Get a Misconduct Restraining Order?

    Can I get a misconduct restraining order on someone who keeps verbally abusing me at the gym I work out at?
  6. Andy Mann

    NSW Ex-partner Repeatedly Threatening to Contact My Girlfriend - Restraining Order?

    Morning everyone, let me explain. My ex lives approx. 2 hours away from me and we have been co-parenting as per a private legal agreement. I have 2 children, 13 & 11 years old and she has her own older son who is 25 years of age. I was caring for the kids at our house which I've agreed to give...
  7. D

    QLD Restraining Orders In Queensland

    Hi, can you tell me how to go about obtaining a restraining order on someone?
  8. S

    WA Parliamentary Inquiry- Family and Domestic Violence

    Since there's a few people on here that have (regrettably) alot of experience of the WA Magistrates Court for FVRO matters, there may be some interest in a current parliamentary inquiry. Details below. Inquiry into the Magistrates Court of Western Australia's management of matters involving...
  9. G

    WA Mother Withholding Medical Records Despite Court Orders?

    Please help. The respondent has been ordered to authorise medical information and medical records of the children by the court order issued in May. She refuses to communicate medical issues but states they have special needs and brain issues and need surgery for other problems (which I don't...
  10. H

    VIC What Constitutes Trespass?

    I have a situation in which I have been accused of trespass on 2 occasions now by my ex-husband. The first situation involved a breach of court orders in which he had failed to provide 7 days notice that he had moved houses. I knew he had moved because the children (who are with him about 40%...