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    VIC Gift Card from Shopping Centre - Australian Consumer Law?

    Hello, For Christmas. I was given a gift card with credit on it for a major shopping centre. I used this gift card to make a purchase at an individual store within this shopping centre.Turns out, the item I purchased had a major fault with it, so I went back the next day to return it. They...
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    QLD Lost Gift Card Used Before Cancellation

    Recently lost a gift card which was used before we were able to cancel it. Is the user, knwoing it was not theirs, liable for any form of theft or are gift cards exempt from such rules?
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    QLD My experience with Myer Online - Charged with Fraud

    Hello Late last year I purchased some items online from the Myer website at a very reduced price. I then decided to keep some of the merchandise and return the ones that I didn't like (unopened and in pristine condition). I did not have a receipt as the online function of their website, etc...
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    NSW Credit-for-Sex Scam using LINE and Apple iTunes

    Hi guys, I would like to share my story of an incident where I was involved in a serious scam which I was too naive and stupid to realise until I took the time to research the tactic to only realise it was a scam that already exists but it was to my stupidity that I was unaware of it. I hope...
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    NSW Purchasing Gift Cards from People - Legal Issues?

    If I buy a gift card from someone and it turns out that they had obtained the gift card fraudulently (fraud): Will the gift card and/or goods I purchased with the gift card be taken away from me? Might I get into any legal trouble as well? If I pass the goods to others and they do the same...
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    VIC Gift Card Expiry Not Displayed - Take to VCAT?

    I was given a $100 gift card from my employer. It required me to activate the card within 3 months by either calling a number/or going on-line. I activated it soon after getting it. It also had instructions on the card that I had one year to use it after activation. It expired on 15/11/2014 and...