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In law and government, de facto ( day FAK-toh, dee -⁠; Latin: dē factō pronounced [deː ˈfaktoː], "in fact") describes practices that exist in reality, even though they are not officially recognized by laws. It is commonly used to refer to what happens in practice, in contrast with de jure ("by law"), which refers to things that happen according to law.

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  1. Lico

    VIC De facto separation rights

    I have quite a general question, as I have only just decided to separate from my defacto of fifteen years. We have 2 children together, both with special needs (albeit relatively low level but enough to impact my ability to return to work since having them). I didn’t bring a great deal of...
  2. B

    NSW De facto relationship

    What are the benefits of being in a de facto relationship if I am an International student and my partner is Australian citizen?
  3. D

    WA De Facto Seperation - Property

    Me and my partner of about 4-5 years have seperated but currently have a shared property together. We plan on still living together in a rental as roomates but his parents will take over the mortage. I just want to know will my equal share of the proeprty be diminished or compeltley lost by...
  4. O

    VIC Filing for court for Property Settlement + Parenting Order myself? De Facto relationship

    Hi all, I was in a De facto relationship for 8 years - partner and I just separated. One house, 2 young kids. She is dragging her feet to do the paperwork for the property settlement (she made me leave and kept everything), offered me like 6% of our assets, I asked for 40%. We've gone through...
  5. A

    WA De facto split

    My son (Australian Citizen) has been living De Facto with his Irish girlfriend (non Australian citizen but has PR) for the last 4yrs. They have 1yr child together. They are going to split as she now wants to return to Ireland with the child. He has a house (in his name only) that they live in &...
  6. F

    WA - 485 de facto partner Subsequent Entrant

    My girlfriend is applying her Post Graduate Visa (485) in October 2020 , and I am planning to apply a subsequent Entrant on my partner visa before my 485 visa expires in October 2021. However, we've just been living together since July 2020 and won't meet the " one-year de facto relationship...
  7. A

    NSW Am I in de facto relationship?

    Hi all, I’ve brought my girlfriend from Russia On a tourist visa in November to see how our relationship will go and whether we should take next step to marry. So we’ve been living at my place since then, though just to evaluate the relationship and it was also mentioned in my invitation...
  8. M

    QLD Does Ex De Facto Partner Have Rights to Share My House?

    Hi all, I need some help on where to turn next or what to do. I am not sure if I was in a de facto relationship at the end, but we were earlier on in the relationship. Myself and partner - English and Korean (now both Australian Citizens and she came in on my de facto visa - but we broke up...
  9. M

    QLD Rules of thumb to minimise risk of De Facto

    I am looking for general rules of thumb to follow when allowing a partner/girlfriend (with whom one is having a sexual relationship) to stay over in one's house so that the risk of being judged to be in a De Facto relationship is minimised in the event of any future relationship breakdown. I...
  10. J

    WA Registration in WA (Perth) for De facto?

    Really want to add my partner to my student visa. I'm starting in Febuary 2020 and she is coming on a WHV in April 2020 from the UK just to get herself to Australia and start building De facto status and of course to avoid doing a long distance relationship for too long. I graduated from my...