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  1. R

    NSW Criminal verse Civil Defamation

    Hi all. Can anyone please educate me on why criminal defamation is quite rare? I see that people will say so and so is a paedophile or fraud or just accuse people of other things. How is it determined when it becomes either criminal or civil? What's the most likely sentence for criminal cases...
  2. Y

    VIC Facebook Defamation

    Hi, seeking an opinion here. Any responses are taken as opinion only, merely looking for some guidance! I have and am the administrator of a closed, private group on Facebook (example: XXXXX Example Group Disappointed Landlords). I have been threatened with defamation papers. Given the group...
  3. O

    VIC Use of private Emails for defamation

    My wife forgot that her Email - Gmail and messenger are open on my computer. I went over her emails and messages. I found that she systematically send defamation Emails against me and slandering me. These Emails goes to our mutual friends and other people in the community. Can I be in trouble as...
  4. R

    VIC Bankruptcy defamation

    Hi. So you send a concerns notice after your small family business was defamed by post on social media. The defendant ignores the concern notice. Assumed because they didn't have the finances for legal services. If the defamation case was to be pursude with taking court action if the defendant...
  5. R

    WA a false google my business review

    i am a semi retired person in the computer repair business I have a great, flawless reputation with 100% 5 star reviews going back over a very long time i had someone show up at end of day on a weekend asking me to fit a battery they provided. I said ok. They did not bring a power cord because...
  6. R

    VIC Defamation judgements

    Hi. Are judgements which are made in a defamation case, cleared by bankruptcy? Would a lawyer even represent someone, (the plantiff),knowing that the person they are sueing for defamation is only on centerlink payments and has no assets?
  7. J

    Defamation over info supplied to law enforcement?

    Some time ago, I wrote 2 letters to the police and another law enforcement agency, and I emailed a copy of both to my ex-boyfriend for him to check if he thought they were ok. I was alerting them about an aunt being mistreated by a cousin. They contained allegations and opinions expressed by...
  8. J

    VIC Defamation against FairWork Commissioner

    If the Reasons in the Decision are false and defamatory, can anything be done about it?
  9. Peace


    My brother made up many lies to get a DVO against me so he could become EPOA for my father, sold dads house without notifying me along with a list of other terrible lies told to my father all for money. His wife studied law so knew exactly what to do and how to do this, by not answering the...
  10. B

    TAS Defamation against a Forum Member (not this forum)

    Hi, is it legally possible to take a member of an online Forum to court for Defamation, a member who makes false accusations against me without being able to support their claims with any evidence when ask for it, and then claiming that nobody knows who they are so legal action cannot be taken...