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    QLD How to respond to an Immigration Agent/Lawyer's email?

    Looking for advice on how I should respond to this email from the immigration agent/lawyers that have been dragging my visa filing out for 9 months, starting June 2019 (they represented us with my sons' student visas and my student guardian visas, which were granted in June 2019)...
  2. H

    QLD Defamation - malicious false reports to QPS and Dept. Child Safety

    Hello - I'm hoping someone might be able to tell me whether the following is considered defamation: I'm currently a party of a very nasty custody battle in the Federal Circuit Court. The Dept. of Child Safety and Qld Police have just produced records through a subpoena and this is how I have...
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    VIC Government Agencies / Authorities

    Are there any exemptions offered to government or government agencies when carrying out administration duties?
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    QLD Defamation or Inciting hatred and violence?

    Horrifying Time,....Questions relate to Defamation of Character or hate speech inciting Hate and Violence. I am a friend to the family of the accused. He is Charged with child sex abuse. Charges.. not a Conviction as yet. # Incident at a public place where she is calling him the "P" word and...
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    Threatened with defamation after posting racist email online

    Hi, This question is about an ongoing dispute my partner and I have been having with a real estate agent. My husband and I withdrew from an apartment being leased by this agent and when we did, the agent sent us an extremely racist email full of racial slurs and stated that they would no longer...
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    VIC Can you sue for defamation after a FAKE Intervention Order case?

    Long story short: My mother beat up my sister. My sister didn't press charges. My mother took advantage of this and filed for Intervention Orders against the entire family on a fake story she made up with zero proof. At court I was lied to by VLA and was coerced into consenting to an IVO without...
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    QLD Breach of Privacy to Post Someone’s Mobile Number Without Consent?

    Hi, I’m in the process of investigating an idea for a new app. After some searching, there are two key hurdles I’m hoping to get some guidance on (in QLD but more broadly Australia) Firstly a privacy concern: 1. Is it illegal to post an individual’s mobile number as their primary reference...
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    VIC Character Defamation - Exposing an Extramarital Affair?

    A married couple where Partner 'X' caught the other Partner 'Y' cheating by having extramarital affairs with another married person who is their common friend. Both Partner 'Y' and another married person accepted about their affair and Partner 'X' has collected all the relevant evidence to...
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    VIC What is the maximum penalty for criminal defamation in Victoria?

    What is the maximum penalty for criminal defamation in Victoria? Can you please share any relevant reference of the defamation victoria act?
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    WA One star Google reviews defamatory?

    Hi, I am a self employed tradesman and sole income earner for my wife and two kids. I had a disagreement with a neighbour about some flashing lights and noise in our bedroom windows that was waking my 18 month old son up late into the night. I complained to council and messaged the neighbour...