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  1. R

    WA a false google my business review

    i am a semi retired person in the computer repair business I have a great, flawless reputation with 100% 5 star reviews going back over a very long time i had someone show up at end of day on a weekend asking me to fit a battery they provided. I said ok. They did not bring a power cord because...
  2. R

    VIC Defamation judgements

    Hi. Are judgements which are made in a defamation case, cleared by bankruptcy? Would a lawyer even represent someone, (the plantiff),knowing that the person they are sueing for defamation is only on centerlink payments and has no assets?
  3. J

    Defamation over info supplied to law enforcement?

    Some time ago, I wrote 2 letters to the police and another law enforcement agency, and I emailed a copy of both to my ex-boyfriend for him to check if he thought they were ok. I was alerting them about an aunt being mistreated by a cousin. They contained allegations and opinions expressed by...
  4. J

    VIC Defamation against FairWork Commissioner

    If the Reasons in the Decision are false and defamatory, can anything be done about it?
  5. Peace


    My brother made up many lies to get a DVO against me so he could become EPOA for my father, sold dads house without notifying me along with a list of other terrible lies told to my father all for money. His wife studied law so knew exactly what to do and how to do this, by not answering the...
  6. B

    TAS Defamation against a Forum Member (not this forum)

    Hi, is it legally possible to take a member of an online Forum to court for Defamation, a member who makes false accusations against me without being able to support their claims with any evidence when ask for it, and then claiming that nobody knows who they are so legal action cannot be taken...
  7. L

    VIC Can I sue for libel defamation in Victoria?

    Hello Brains Trust, So 3 years ago when I began dating my current partner his ex wife (who is an ex police officer) began basically her own investigation into me. She contacted my previous ex partner's parents, siblings, my ex partner, friends and young women who were at the same local Netball &...
  8. A

    QLD How to respond to an Immigration Agent/Lawyer's email?

    Looking for advice on how I should respond to this email from the immigration agent/lawyers that have been dragging my visa filing out for 9 months, starting June 2019 (they represented us with my sons' student visas and my student guardian visas, which were granted in June 2019)...
  9. H

    QLD Defamation - malicious false reports to QPS and Dept. Child Safety

    Hello - I'm hoping someone might be able to tell me whether the following is considered defamation: I'm currently a party of a very nasty custody battle in the Federal Circuit Court. The Dept. of Child Safety and Qld Police have just produced records through a subpoena and this is how I have...
  10. A

    VIC Government Agencies / Authorities

    Are there any exemptions offered to government or government agencies when carrying out administration duties?