permanent residency

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Permanent residency is a person's resident status in a country of which they are not citizens but where they have the right to reside on a permanent basis. This is usually for a permanent period; a person with such status is known as a permanent resident. In the United States, such a person is officially referred to as a Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR).Permanent residency itself is distinct from right of abode, which waives immigration control for such persons. Persons having permanent residency still require immigration control if they do not have right of abode. However, a right of abode automatically grants people permanent residency. This status also gives work permit in most cases. In many western countries, the status of permanent resident confers a right of abode upon the holder despite not being a citizen of the particular country.

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  1. juahime

    QLD Leaving the country before citizenship ceremony

    Hello, I currently live in Brisbane and hold a Permanent Residence (through Permanent Employer Sponsored or Nominated Visa 186). My VISA states that I "Must not arrive after" 23 June 2022. I have also been approved citizenship, however, I have not received the ceremony invitation yet. This was...
  2. K

    PR applying for Citizenship

    Hello, I have a question about the permanent resident visa status. I and my wife both were granted 189 visa in August,2019. I was the main applicant and I included my wife as dependant. I became eligible to apply for citizenship in August,2020 as I lived in Australia for more than 4 years...
  3. A

    Two years condition after getting residency through ENS (visa 186)

    Hello! Sorry, I'm aware this must be a topic often discussed, but surprisingly, I couldn't find an existing thread tackling that question. I recently got my residency through an ENS (subclass 186), and had to sign a paper with immigration lawyers at the start of the process clarifying the...
  4. R

    VIC 5 year Dvo will this effect my Residency application

    Hi to everyone on this forum, and thank you for reading my question. So just a bit of a back story: The Dvo was issued in QLD by the police as they showed up at the house for a welfare check as I had rung them on Saturday night saying my wife is threatening to commit suicide, and I need...
  5. P

    How to renounce Australian Permanent Residency?

    My Australian PR was approved in 2012 and I am left Australia in 2014. This PR no longer allows me to travel to Australia. I don't have any tie with Australia and I'm NOT seeking a Resident Return Visa. Instead I'm only trying to visit Australia for tourism. My question is: may I apply for a...
  6. Trevero

    VIC We want to give up on our permanent residency and leave Australia

    We have been refused travelling back to our home country France,and want to leave for good...How can we no longer be Residents ?!
  7. P

    VIC How will a separation affect a dependent applicant's Visa 190

    My sister and her husband got married in May 2016. In 2018, they applied for PR with her husband as primary applicant and my sister as a dependent applicant on Visa 190. In April 2019, my sister went to Australia but her husband did not and has never been to Australia(he's allowed to make 1st...
  8. C

    VIC Divorce Before Australian Citizenship Ceremony?

    Hi, I have been working in Australia with my permanent residency for 5 years and I passed my Australian citizenship exam and it was approved recently. I am awaiting my ceremony to get a passport. My wife decided to divorce ASAP. Does it affect my ceremony schedule if we lodge a divorce file...
  9. P

    QLD Can You Renew Permanent Residency Visa with a Conviction?

    My Permanent Residency visa has been expired for six months. After I was granted that visa, I got sentenced to 2 years 9 months suspended jail sentence. I spent 7 months in jail. Would I be able to get my Permanent Residency visa renewed? Thanks
  10. M

    VIC Permanent Residency Approval with Conviction Record?

    Just wondering, has anyone in here ever got approved with Permanent Residency with a conviction record?