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Australian nationality law determines who is and who is not an Australian citizen.
The legal status of Australian nationality or Australian citizenship was created by the Nationality and Citizenship Act 1948 (in 1973 renamed the Australian Citizenship Act 1948), which came into force on 26 January 1949. Australian nationality and citizenship existed prior to this date but were not legal concepts: Australian nationality or citizenship meant identification with the Australian community and participation in its politics. The 1948 Act was amended many times, notably in 1973, 1984, 1986 and 2002. It was replaced by the Australian Citizenship Act 2007, which commenced on 1 July 2007.
On 13 December 1973, Australia acceded to the 1961 Convention on the Reduction of Statelessness and to the Convention relating to the Status of Refugees.Australian citizenship law is administered by the Department of Home Affairs which can issue certificates of citizenship on naturalisation or on request provide other proof or evidence of Australian citizenship. Australian passports are issued to Australian citizens by the Australian Passport Office of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.In Australia, the terms "nationality" and "citizenship" can be used interchangeably, but the term "citizenship" (or "citizen") is more commonly used, while "nationality" is most often used in official documents and forms. In general, a person may acquire citizenship automatically ("by operation of law") through birth in Australia or through Australian descent, or by application after a period of residence in Australia. The process of acquiring citizenship by application is referred to as "naturalisation".

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  1. M

    NSW Citizenship stay requirements

    Hi, I’m a permanent resident under visa sc189. My employer is an Australian IT company which has deputed me on a project overseas (I have a deployment agreement). Due to this project, I stay outside the country for 3 months at a stretch, return to Australia for 2-4 weeks and fly back. However...
  2. K

    PR applying for Citizenship

    Hello, I have a question about the permanent resident visa status. I and my wife both were granted 189 visa in August,2019. I was the main applicant and I included my wife as dependant. I became eligible to apply for citizenship in August,2020 as I lived in Australia for more than 4 years...
  3. D

    What would happen to assets of someone who was deported from Australia?

    Just for curiosity, I would like to ask if a person with dual citizenships had his Australian citizenship revoked and deported to his motherland, what would happen to his assets in Australia? e.g can he sell his properties and bring his money out of Australia? Thanks
  4. K

    Australian Citizenship

    Hello! I am an australian citizen and i was born in sydney australia. My birth mother was a citizen in sydney. When i was i think 10 months old i was brought here in the philippines. She left me here with my relatives. I don't know her when i was growing up. My surname that i am using right now...
  5. C

    VIC Divorce Before Australian Citizenship Ceremony?

    Hi, I have been working in Australia with my permanent residency for 5 years and I passed my Australian citizenship exam and it was approved recently. I am awaiting my ceremony to get a passport. My wife decided to divorce ASAP. Does it affect my ceremony schedule if we lodge a divorce file...
  6. H

    NSW Permanent Resident with Assault - Eligible for Australian Citizenship?

    9 years ago, I was convicted with common assault $1,200 fine with 1 yr good behaviour bond. With all the new good behaviour requirements going through parliament at the moment (offence with 2 yrs max sentence but of course not applicable here) can I be subject to cancellation of my permanent...
  7. Michaelh1957

    NSW Unable to Obtain Australian Citizenship Papers?

    I am an Australian passport holder who was born overseas and had parents born overseas as well. I am now being asked to prove citizenship again when I tried to renew my passport. I have tried several times to apply for a citizenship certificate, even though I've held multiple Australian...
  8. B

    VIC Australian Citizenship with Criminal record

    Hi, I have applied for the citizenship last week and I am a bit worried as I have a criminal record listed against me. I was found guilty of shop steal but there was no conviction or fine. This was my first and last offence in Australia. I never had any serious traffic offence either and always...
  9. M

    NSW Australian Citizenship application from overseas

    I applied for Australian Citizenship last year August 2018 from overseas and have been on work assignment in Asia. I have been back to Australia and have more trips planned this year to visit family. Will they still assess my application while I am overseas? Do I physically need to be in...
  10. R


    I moved from NZ to Australia 1986 and have permanent residency status. I want to apply for citizenship and will need to advise of two criminal offences 1987 - charged and convicted of possession of a cannabis utensil, fined $150 2013 – charged and pleaded guilty to possession of an illegal...