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  1. K

    PR applying for Citizenship

    Hello, I have a question about the permanent resident visa status. I and my wife both were granted 189 visa in August,2019. I was the main applicant and I included my wife as dependant. I became eligible to apply for citizenship in August,2020 as I lived in Australia for more than 4 years...
  2. J

    VIC PR 189 dependent, what happens after divorce

    Hi, My partner and i got married in 2018. We got our 189 pr visa September 2018 and moved in Melbourne last January. Things are rough now and we can't seem to work it out. she's considering to file for divorce. I am her dependent, will I lose my PR status? Thanks
  3. D

    VIC Question regarding 189 dependent applicant to sponsor a partner

    Greetings all, Here is my situation. I have granted my 189 visa as a dependent applicant in 2016 Nov. But me and my ex broke up 2018 April. Now I have a new girlfriend. Can some one answer me the following questions? Will this broke up in 2018 April affect my 189 visa in any way? Can I still...
  4. M

    VIC 189 Visa Expiry of Dependent Applicant After Divorce?

    Hi, We got Permanent Residency 189 visa in Jan 2017, where I'm the secondary/dependent applicant. My spouse entered Aus in April 2017 and staying Aus since then. I entered Aus in June 2017 for 2 weeks, just to activate the PR, then returned from Aus. Then on Dec 2017, entered Aus and staying...
  5. K

    WA 189 application Over 485 Subsquent Entrant

    Scenario: I have applied 485 Subsequent entrant application for my Child the application was received by immigration (acknowledged on 7th sep) but further no actions were made. on 20th of SEP I got 189 Point based invitation for 189 which must be submitted before 20 NOV, 2017 I am planning to...
  6. M

    Chances to get PR Skilled Visa (189 or 190) with 4-year suspended sentence (10 years ago)

    Hello dear Experts! First of all I ask for excuse for my English (It's not my native language). I'm looking for professional oppinion or maybe some kind of statistic based on your own experisence in the following case: To cut a long story short, I'm planning to immigrate to Australia throuth 189...
  7. Y

    NSW Examples on 189 Visa Application?

    Hi everyone, I know someone who is interested in submitting an expression of interest to apply for visa subclass 189 or 190. Does anyone in this forum have any example of a good application for 189 visa / 190 visa? Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  8. M

    VIC Mother with Permanent Residency as My Dependant?

    I am a skilled immigrant under skill select 189 visa which has granted me a permanent residency in Australia. I have been here over the past 5-6 months. While applying for myself, I got a dependent visa (attached to me as a primary applicant for 189) which is nothing but a permanent residency...
  9. T

    Am I still Eligible to Apply for 189 Visa Australia?

    Hello. This is my profile Bach of Engineering (2006) I.T. employment - 2006 -2008 (2 years) Masters degree in Australia - 1.5 years (2009 -10) Non-I.T. work experience - approx 2 years (2011-12) Unemployed from 2013 until now Recently got Australian Computer Society's positive skills...
  10. N

    Visa Still Valid - Contact Department of Immigration?

    Dear Sir / Madam, I recently got an invitation for 189 visa on June 5 2015. Currently I hold bridging visa for 573, Masters. My 485 visa ended on May 22 2015. While lodging my 189 visa on 4th page she got an error showing that I should contact the Department of Immigration and that I have...