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After Earth is a 2013 American post-apocalyptic action film directed by M. Night Shyamalan, who co-wrote it with Gary Whitta, based on an original story idea by Will Smith. It is the second film after The Pursuit of Happyness that stars real-life father and son Will and Jaden Smith; Will Smith also produced via his company Overbrook Entertainment, and the distribution was by Columbia Pictures. The film takes place in the 31st century, when the Earth has long been abandoned and humans have been in conflict with a mysterious alien race. It tells the story of a high-ranking general in the peacekeeping organization Ranger Corps, and his son, who, after an incident during a spaceflight, find themselves fighting for survival on a hostile planet (which is Earth itself).
The film was released in IMAX on May 31, 2013. Upon release, After Earth was panned by film critics; its acting was criticized as melodramatic, and the writing and storytelling were also singled out for mainstream criticism. It was also a box-office bomb, grossing just $243 million worldwide against a net production budget of $130 million. This film and Shyamalan's previous film The Last Airbender are most commonly considered to be the lowest point of his directorial career, which had been in progressive decline after he had directed a series of critically panned films.

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  1. G

    VIC After a review

    Hi everyone Please Admin remove this post if it’s unproprate and accept my apology. I am after a feedback or review in regard to two accredited criminal lawyers; the first one is Nicholas Hanos and the second is Anthony Cooper. If anyone has a positive or negative experience with any of them...
  2. J

    NSW Who owns approved DA after expiration period of Option?

    I own a property on the Central Coast of NSW which has had a DA for Subdivision into 5 lots approved by Council with "Conditions of Consent" A brief history. A Developer took out a Two Year Option on purchasing 75% of my property in August 2016 and submitted a DA with a Central Coast Council...
  3. J

    QLD Cost of signing over house

    My defacto and father of our 2 young children has a DVO against him. He can not stay with us. I want him to sign the house over to me. What are my right's and cost involved. We have a joint mortage and both work.
  4. M

    VIC What is required if a life interest trustee sells the estate after one of the beneficiaries passes away?

    Can a trustee who has a life interest of the Net Income from an estate keep all the finances of sale if a beneficiary passes away before selling? The beneficiary had approved the sale of the estate before passing.
  5. D

    VIC Property manager asking for a re-clean after a lengthy period of time?

    Hi Everyone, For a bit of background, I returned the keys to the property on the 13th of Jan 2021, with the lease ending on the 17th Jan 2021. The property was professionally cleaned and receipt was provided to the property manager. The property manager did not complete the outgoing inspection...
  6. Jayce

    After Tribunal remit my case to Immigration

    Hello, I was wondering what's next when AAT gave me my case decision is "remit" to immigration. will it be fast track maybe takes few months? the immigration website says it need to wait for 12-15 months. but I am not quite sure if AAT make the decision "remit" and the case go back to...
  7. ashleyjohn132

    buyer requesting refund to private seller after change of mind after putting deposit of 200$

    hey i just had a advertisement on gumtree to sell my car that is repairable write off which i was planning to fix it up and almost halfway through but dont have the finances to take it further so selling a viv inspection car and selling for 3000$ , the buyer came in the night inspected and...
  8. B

    NSW Is my dad legally obligated to let my mother back into our home after a separation?

    I'm currently a son, dealing with a separation of my mother and father. This is not a divorce, but rather my dad deciding he wanted a separation. I want to know what is legally correct, and if my father is not breaking any laws. My father and mother both owned a property, with both of their...
  9. M

    TAS Protect sold after divorce.

    Hello, My question is what time after a divorce are you allowed to question sales of a car and a boat at double the price that was given to us at time of divorce, with no extra value done to the property involved? Thank you.
  10. Charlotted

    NSW Parole board

    If someone is in custody on breech of ico. An fronting the parole board to have then reinstated would it be beneficial to apply for an appeal of severity before seeing the parole board?