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The South Australia Police (SAPOL) is the police force of the Australian state of South Australia. It is an agency of the Government of South Australia within the South Australian Department of Justice. SAPOL is directed by the Commissioner of Police, who reports to the Minister for Police. As of 30 June 2017, South Australia Police had 4948 active sworn members, including 339 cadets in training and 132 protective services officers, as well as approximately 920 civilian staff operating across 28 metropolitan and 110 regional police stations.

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    SAPOL - I've been robbed !

    Any read of the ever growing myriad of rules/reg's./legislation etc. etc that tptb insist upon to control our lives how do you know which is the most powerful in a legal sense ? For instance, an interaction between citizen & police instigated by an alleged offence of Motor Vehicles Act. That...
  2. N

    WA Contesting Family Violence Restraining Order - Help?

    HI all, I need some help. I am in South Australia and started proceedings to get access/custody of my children in the Federal Circuit Court last month. My wife has left the state and taken our children with her. She has cited Domestic Violence but there has been none. There are no...
  3. E

    VIC Defamation - Ex said to Son and on Facebook that I'm on Sex Offenders Register?

    In 2009, my (then) wife disappeared interstate with our two young sons. A Recovery Order was issued by the Federal Magistrates Court and the children were located by the AFP (Australian Federal Police) 3 months later in South Australia, and returned to me. I won full custody twice, as she...
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    SA Police Prosecutors - Communication and Guidelines?

    Hi guys, I assume these police prosecutors frequent other states lower courts same as here in SA relating to our Magistrates Courts. My question is, who do police prosecutors answer to? Are they connected with the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) department or is the next level above them...