WA Can a Private School request to talk with DCP only as legal Guardians

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11 June 2020
We are looking for options in regards to a recent incident
1. DCP has placed a child with us for temp time
2. Our 12 yr old foster child has slowly opened up during her time with us and talked about how unhappy she is at the school.
3. After talking with her more we have found out that she has been telling the school about certain incidents. and also telling the DCP case worker about her concerns. But they dont seem to have been addressed.
4. Our foster Child was recently suspended, and there were a few follow on incidents from here,
A. our child was suspended on a Wednesday, yet it took till Friday to get the letter to us, it went to DCP but not to us.
B. We requested a meeting with the school to address the issues. - I then found out that the school had not conducted a sufficient investigation , or what i believe to be sufficient. Into a number of matters that our girl was accused of. Some of which we can prove. Eg our child was accused of standing in front of a car, yet no evidence could be given to me by the school, and it doesn't appear that DCP had looked into this as well. Also some of the reasons such as our foster girls ex is saying he had no relationship with our girl and the School accepted this, yet we can prove otherwise

It appears that there hasn't been sufficient investigations by the school full stop, and also DCP has dropped the ball.
Where do we stand and what are our options

appreciate any help.