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DCP Midstream Partners, LP is a Fortune 1000 midstream petroleum services company headquartered in Denver, Colorado. As a publicly traded partnership, the company does not have directors, officers, or employees itself, but relies on its General Partner for managing its operations. With a total economic value of more than US$6 billion, and 628 employees providing support, the company is one of the largest midstream petroleum services company in the United States.

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    WA DCP Couple seperation question

    Ok so I have a situation... My girlfriend and I have been in a relationship now for over a year, we have known each other since we were 3 years old. She has 2 children to an ex partner who creates a lot of issues. I do suspect my partner is either possibly bi-polar or has some other mental...
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    WA Can a Private School request to talk with DCP only as legal Guardians

    We are looking for options in regards to a recent incident 1. DCP has placed a child with us for temp time 2. Our 12 yr old foster child has slowly opened up during her time with us and talked about how unhappy she is at the school. 3. After talking with her more we have found out that she has...