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  1. kingofmeereen

    QLD Are there insurances in place for workers who are inflicted psychiatric injury other than workers compensation?

    For example, paramedics or police who are inflicted psychiatric injury from witnessing traumatic scenes can possibly get compensation through workers compensation but is it possible to get it from somewhere else? Like suing people? For example a negligent driver causing so much devastation and...
  2. kingofmeereen

    QLD Does an employer owe a duty of care that their employee is mentally healthy?

    Like for example, a paramedic or a police are expected to witness very brutal scenes. Do their employers owe them a duty of care in ensuring they are still mentally healthy and if not and they do suffer some form of psychiatric injury, will they be entitled to sue their employer for compensation?
  3. F

    Qld Police DVO Mental Health, Unsound Mind

    Vary DVO (QLD). Police took out a 5 year DVO, I need to vary the order, I have lodged an Application to do so. I am the aggrieved, my son is the defendant. My son was found to have Mental Health issues and at the time of incident and the charges, a Psychiatric Report found he was of unsound...
  4. H

    NSW Can I sue a church/cult?

    I grew up in an extreme church that has been displayed in the media as a cult, which I am now not apart of and do view as a cult. As a young adult I now suffer from psychiatric illnesses which I believe are a direct result of the upbringing and strict/unconventional teachings from this religion...
  5. Ted Sherwood

    ACT Who can complete an advance care directive under the Mental Health Act 2015

    In the ACT a power of attorney doesn't cover treatment for mental illness. A separate direction is required. The Mental Health Act 2015's sections on advance care directives implies that one doesn't complete such a directive until one has a mental health condition. So does the ACT Mental...
  6. L

    QLD Mental Health Issues - Charged with Shoplifting?

    Hi, I'm wanting help on how to handle this matter. I have a number of mental health issues, ptsd and dissociative episodes and am on medication. Last week, I was shopping and from family friends accounts I wasn’t being myself for over 2 weeks worse than usual. Long story short, I bought items...
  7. S

    NSW Terminating Rude / Abusive / Inconsiderate Housemate NOT ON LEASE

    Hello I’m in need of URGENT advice. Basically four of us moved into a unit. Me and my boyfriend (on lease), one friend (on lease) and his twin brother (not on lease). The twin brother is a nuisance here is why: - we agreed on chores, he does NOTHING - he has a girl living with him who...
  8. M

    QLD How to Disprove Emotional & Psychological Abuse Allegations?

    Hi all, Does anyone have any suggestions on how to go about (or call into question) disproving alleged "Emotional & Psychological Abuse"? After all my searches on Google, it seems to be that once the ex has labelled you as carrying this out there appears to be no actual way of clearing your...
  9. L

    NSW Is A Welfare Check Reasonable?

    I am the "live with" parent of three children (13, 9, 4). At our regular court ordered visit with the children's father, first my 13 year old refused to go. I instructed him that he had to and gave him a hug and all was well. The children's father took our 4 year old child from my car and...
  10. E

    QLD Postie from Australia Post Giving Mail to my Ex?

    Hi all. Firstly I think it’s great that you respondents take the time to help people through their legal issues - respect. I’ve got a problem where someone I know who works for Australia Post has been giving my mail to an ex-gf. The person is my brother who I’ve been in a dispute over a family...