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Biologically, a child (plural children) is a human being between the stages of birth and puberty, or between the developmental period of infancy and puberty. The legal definition of child generally refers to a minor, otherwise known as a person younger than the age of majority.Child may also describe a relationship with a parent (such as sons and daughters of any age) or, metaphorically, an authority figure, or signify group membership in a clan, tribe, or religion; it can also signify being strongly affected by a specific time, place, or circumstance, as in "a child of nature" or "a child of the Sixties".

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  1. S

    QLD Child abduction

    About a month ago my ex abducted my kids under pretext of taking them to an after-school sport as regularly happens. 5 minutes after she took them I received an email from her and then another from her lawyer. The emails basically stated she considered the kids weren't safe in my custody...
  2. M

    NSW How can I fix this? % of care - incorrect guidance given by CSA

    Guidance please? ___________________________________________________ Facts: - Orders state child has 54 nights care available to the father, with an extra 10 if he is in the area (we live interstate - about a 12 hour drive away). - Child requested to live with father for a trial (ended up...
  3. G

    SA Child withheld against interim orders. No access. Issue with child care centre

    Hi.. So against interim orders the other parent is withholding our child. I've already filed paperwork and affidavits etc and have a hearing but I've been denied all access. The other parent and the legal rep have ignored all correspondence about seeing my daughter. There are no intervention...
  4. J

    NSW Child custody issue

    My son has been separated from his wife for 4 years. To date they have agreed to split the caring of their two children (aged 14 an 11) 50/50 and this has worked. There are no court child custody orders in place. Recently she has moved location and threatened to have the children 100% of the...
  5. J

    Mother seeking out child at school while in father's care

    Hi all, Father has shared care of child with mother - 50/50. Mother has on a number of occasions attended child's school during the fathers week and sought child out. Previously she volunteered for a school disco and spent a week visiting the child while he was at afters school care. Today she...
  6. tinker23

    SA Ex-friend wants to mediate over relationship with child (not his own)

    Hi, My friend has just got a letter from a lawyer on behalf of an ex-boyfriend/friend, requesting mediation in order to be able to see her child. The child is not his, and she has an active and involved father. The mediation comes at a cost of $900 per participant, which is money she just does...
  7. U

    QLD Can disability impact child custody?

    I recently got diagnosed with a disease that may lead to a disability in the future. If I get divorced, will this risk of getting a disability impact my child custody rights?
  8. C

    QLD Child Support & Income changes

    hello all my partner has recently convinced child support that she is earning less money even though she has told me she is working more than ever in previous conversations. She is casual, so gets paid for the hours she works. I feel that is lying about this to child support - or worked out...
  9. J

    Speration assets fairly

    Hello Together for 8 years Married for 2.5 Have a 3year child together Both had a house when we met but he had a bit more equity. I sold my house and used profits to buy investment house and he used equity. We have our primary residence. His name on title but both on mortgage And investment...
  10. C

    NSW International relocation

    I am on a bridging visa A, currently awaiting a decision for our partnership visa application. Our relationship has broken up and we will need to cancel that visa application soon and then I will have 28 days before I am forced to leave the country. I am an American born citizen and my daughter...