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  1. D

    NSW Debt Collection letter from an Australian Agency collecting an Italian traffic fine

    Hi. Today i received a letter from an Australian Debt Collection Agency asking me to pay $672 for a traffic offence 9 months ago in Italy. The letter states that their client has tried several times to contact us to pay the fine. This is the first we have heard of it, but it is possible they...
  2. L

    TAS Access to super and CSA debt

    Hi there We are hoping for clarification please on if CSA will garnish/take all of my husbands superannuation for a csa debt, if he accesses it early due to covid 19? thankyou.
  3. M

    Post seperation debt

    hello Can anyone advise if debt incured after separation can be included in financial settlement. My x has now purchased a new car worth $80,000 and the debt is $97,000 (he got lots of "extras" apparently) and he has included this in the assest/debts spreadsheet as we are doing a financial...
  4. C

    NSW Post-judgment Interest

    I have a post-judgment debt that has remained unpaid for 5 years. Can I get compound interest? I am confused with how the old law on simple interest works with today’s commercial reality....
  5. L

    NT Civil Debt Claim - Service of Application/Summons

    I had a Civil Debt Process proceed against me. The Claimant (I am guessing) sent the Application/Summons to my previous NT Residential Address. (I now live off shore and this was known to the claimant prior to service). The local court has heard the matter and made orders against me. In respect...
  6. V

    Debt division in divorce

    My husband is a citizen of Australia and I am Irish, we married in Europe 5 years ago and have been separated for over 2 years. As things in life go, things didn't work out, and I am about to start our divorce proceedings. We do not share any children or assets together, however, my husband...
  7. J

    I have a judgment but the defendant hasn't paid

    A mutual agreement was made on 29/07/2019 for the sale of goods valued at $780.00AUD, note that it was via an online platform ( i'm based in Canberra, she is in Brisbane) . They buyer sent a false 'proof of payment' screenshot in which by then i had already sent the items to her. We've been...
  8. S

    VIC Credit Corp Debt - What to do?

    Hi, My wife has a debt with Credit Corp. She is no longer living in Australia - she has moved to Europe. I have tried on several occasions to get a good deal to close the debt, but they will not budge. She is currently paying $50 a fortnight. Is she obligated to pay them? What ramifications...
  9. G

    QLD RACQ moved a debt to an agency without prior notice is this legal

    Since 2015 I been paying a debt to RACQ for an accident I was involved in in 2014. As part of the agreement I am obliged to pay an amount on the date agreed upon, the 18th of each month. At the time I was not living in the home I shared with my ex partner but seeing as our seperation was...
  10. A

    QLD Property Rights - Does Ex Have a Claim?

    Hi, So a long messy saga follows... 9 years ago my husband passed away & I received his full life insurance & his govsuper as a fortnightly pension. I stupidly fell into a relationship 8 months after my husband's death & I now realise I was manipulated by this man during a time when I couldn't...