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  1. J

    WA Debt collector took to court and case was dismissed with prejudice but still defaulting after 10 years

    Hi there, I had a credit card debt with bank west n they have me no help to deal with debt n I had a baby n no money. They sold debt after terrible harassment and collector defaults every month on my credit report. I had a home loan with an account with credit card. They closed the line of...
  2. M

    VIC Corporate Law third party debt notice

    I have final orders that cannot be enforced due to other parties corporation debt owing to myself. The other party has not disclosed any financials and what has been disclosed on his financials re loans are false There was a previous property that the other party and myself has I was the...
  3. W

    SA What % is reasonable for debt settlement?

    Hi, has anyone successfully negotiated their debt down to 25% with a lump sum payment. I think this is called a debt settlement? Thanks
  4. N

    Credit Corp. Should I verify my identity - not my debt

    Hi, I have been contacted a number of times by Credit Corp regarding a debt that is not mine. They won't give me any details, or supply any contracts until I show them a copy of my drivers license. I am scared this will escalate after hearing horror stories. Should I identify myself to them?
  5. A

    WA Credit Corp not releasing documents

    Hi all, A friend of mine has been contacted by Credit Corp regarding a credit card. The card was taken out in her name by her ex husband who now resides overseas. She has disputed the debt and requested documents from them including a deed of assignment but they say this contains sensitive...
  6. T

    WA Stepping away from legal proceedings

    HI, i need to know my options I'm half way through court proceedings but no closer to settling or resolving the dispute of parenting orders. I have no financial backing, have recently moved jobs so can't get a personal loan and have sold all the small assets I have. I have decided to walk away...
  7. C

    NSW Public company debt owed for work done

    Hi Everybody, I am owed money for work performed ( ~$7000 ). I've invoiced the company and made several follow up attempts. I need to send a letter of demand but since this is a large publicly listed company with several autonomous divisions I'm unsure who I send the letter to. If anybody could...
  8. A

    NSW Credit Corp Documents and old debt

    I am being chased by Credit Corp.for an alleged Credit Card debt. I have not acknowledged that the debt is mine. I have requested a copy of the original credit contract. They have said that it’s too long ago and they can’t provide this but they have indicated that they bought the debt from ANZ...
  9. M

    QLD Credit Corp Debt question

    Hi, I owe 2 x debts to Credit Corp. G.E P/Loan - Original debt $13k Credit Corp - $20k. I believe the debts were sold to credit corp back in 2015/16 could even be earlier. I did sign up with a Debt Management Firm called "Clickthru" then they dissolved and the founder renamed his company to...
  10. M

    VIC Caveat on unit debt out of control

    I have foolishly taken out a 2nd mortgage on my property which I have stopped making repayments on, resulting in the total amount just about tripling to 80K and continuing to do so. It is classified as a business loan although I never gave them an ABN. The monthly repayments are about $1750...