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The Indian Cricket League (ICL) was a private cricket league funded by Zee Entertainment Enterprises that operated between 2007 and 2009 in India. Its two seasons included tournaments between four international teams (World XI, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh) and nine domestic teams notionally located in major Indian cities as well as Lahore, Pakistan and Dhaka Warriors based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The matches were played in the Twenty20 format. There was also a planned domestic 50-over tournament, but this did not eventuate. While its establishment pre-dated the Indian Premier League, the ICL folded in 2009. Aside from commercial factors, the ICL lacked the support of the Board of Control for Cricket in India and International Cricket Council.
In 2008, following the ICL tradition, Board of Control for Cricket in India launched Indian Premier League Twenty20 format, that literally killed the existence of ICL.

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  1. M

    WA What to expect at contravention trial

    Hi y’all! I’ve been running my partner’s case for 2 years in FCWA while he self reps. In that time financial proceedings were finalised by consent and we came away with a really great result. We also have interim parenting orders - some by consent and some not - which have allowed us both to...
  2. D


    Scenario is that a family report has been undertaken some months ago, but ICL refuses to engage with young teenage children prior to upcoming future proceedings. No reason given. Children have requested to speak with her as they believe their interests are not being represented.
  3. M

    WA Can parties view ICL subpoenaed docs?

    ICL has issued subpoenas for medical, counselling records etc. There are orders that allow ICL, FC and SEW to view the subpoenaed material. The is no specific order saying the parents do/don’t have permission to view. I’d rather OP didn’t view, and have no interest in viewing myself. If OP...
  4. A

    Ex non-compliant with Orders by Consent

    In early August at our interim hearing, the ex, the ICL and I agreed to Orders by Consent for each party to pay money to a trust account by mid September to engage a Chapter 15 expert. I paid the money, now the ex is claiming she does not have the money and is requesting 6 months to pay in...
  5. D

    ICL contacting court expert after being removed from the matter

    I submitted an Application in a Case to the Family Court of Australia to remove the ICL representing my daughter. The ICL consented to the application which was heard before Justice Forrestt in February 2020, in which he made an order that stated "ICL be released from her duties as the ICL"...
  6. B

    QLD ICL Independent Child Lawyer Who Pays?

    So I'm self representing in court at the moment in regards to wanting an order so I can see my daughter as my ex is alienating her from me. An ICL has been appointed due to violence, from her. I've read that legal aid will do an assessment of me? From the tables it appears as though my income is...
  7. SophieW

    ACT Family Law - Sharing Our Good News Story

    I just want to first thank all the members of this community, which is such a godsend in such an awful process. I wanted to share our story and maybe give someone out there some hope that things can work out. I'll keep it brief, and vague for privacy. In a nutshell, my partner's ex denied...
  8. I

    VIC ICL not so impartial

    Hi, i feel i know the answer to this but appreciate other opinions. Would it be appropriate for an ICL to interview children at my ex-wife's lawyer's office? Can that be considered at arms length? I only found out because my 12 year old daughter told me this happened. That only occurerd...
  9. krylek

    How likely to get final orders where Family Report Writer, ICL and my own lawyers agree?

    In response to the Family Report, and the recommendations of the ICL that agree with the Family Report, I am seeking full parental responsibility, with no access for the other parent. Child is a teenager and has lived with me since birth, has had limited contact with father, he refuses to pay...
  10. M

    QLD ICL has been changed?!?! Something dodgy going on...

    Hi All, Got a query, I have been advised by the commsportal that the ICL in our case has changed, now, the other ICL hasn't withdrawn/uploaded paperwork to state this, the new ICL has uploaded an address for service. What is strange is the trial took place 6 weeks ago (thereabouts) and final...