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  1. SophieW

    ACT Family Law - Sharing Our Good News Story

    I just want to first thank all the members of this community, which is such a godsend in such an awful process. I wanted to share our story and maybe give someone out there some hope that things can work out. I'll keep it brief, and vague for privacy. In a nutshell, my partner's ex denied...
  2. I

    VIC ICL not so impartial

    Hi, i feel i know the answer to this but appreciate other opinions. Would it be appropriate for an ICL to interview children at my ex-wife's lawyer's office? Can that be considered at arms length? I only found out because my 12 year old daughter told me this happened. That only occurerd...
  3. krylek

    How likely to get final orders where Family Report Writer, ICL and my own lawyers agree?

    In response to the Family Report, and the recommendations of the ICL that agree with the Family Report, I am seeking full parental responsibility, with no access for the other parent. Child is a teenager and has lived with me since birth, has had limited contact with father, he refuses to pay...
  4. M

    QLD ICL has been changed?!?! Something dodgy going on...

    Hi All, Got a query, I have been advised by the commsportal that the ICL in our case has changed, now, the other ICL hasn't withdrawn/uploaded paperwork to state this, the new ICL has uploaded an address for service. What is strange is the trial took place 6 weeks ago (thereabouts) and final...
  5. M

    QLD Horrific ICL Involved - Help?

    What happens if the parents come to an agreement on the steps of the family courthouse the morning of Trial...but the ICL wants the trial to go ahead?
  6. L

    VIC Wrong Allegation of FV - What is the Family Court Procedure?

    Hi everyone, I am now in a family court process. The background is as followed: My ex applied IVO against me, both her and my son (3 soon turning 4) are in there after separation. I chose to consent without admission after reading many posts from this forum. My ex still allowed me to see my...
  7. H

    NSW Clarification of a Directions Hearing?

    Hello, Could someone please clarify what a directions hearing is? As my understanding was along the lines of for mediation / trial directions. However, the ICL advised likely going to a non-attendance direction? I have read the family law rule book 2004 & the family law act 1975 + the...
  8. C

    QLD Icl ordered after 2 yrs, new trial

    I’ve SR for 2 yrs against various law firms and barrister. At trial I collapsed due to a large number of outside and level pressure. an icl was then ordered and new parenting trial set with a completely new judge. I have no clue what is expected of me now. An updated Family Report was...
  9. C

    VIC Self-representing - Help for Approaching Final Trial?

    Hi all, Does anyone have any opinion for someone representing themselves? I am the respondent in the matter and I have not received any material from other parties including the ICL to prepare for the final trial. Cheers
  10. J

    QLD Other Party and Lawyer No Longer Working Together - What Now?

    Just wondering what might happen at my next hearing. The other party and their lawyer are not working together. Essentially I think it comes down to the other party not paying the lawyer, therefore, the lawyer has stopped responding all emails and doing what's required. There has been no...