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    Can a foreign resident apply for an AVO in NSW without being present in Australia?
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    NSW Lodger Changed Locks and is Denying Executor of Will?

    My Grandmother was admitted to hospital in December 2018 and transferred to an aged care facility in January 2019 where she passed away in March 2019. There has been Lodger residing at her home for some years who has taken an AVO out on my mother, one of the Executors, when she last visited my...
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    NSW Advice on suing NSW FaCS (DoCS)

    Hi needing to get some info on how to go about suing NSW FaCS? I want to sue them for failing to protect a child that was under 16 years old back from 1999 til 2003. The mother kicked the girl out at the age of 12 and had no choice but to live on the streets and was sleeping in a public park...
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    NSW Does NSW Police require radar to issue a speeding fine?

    Hey guys, I've just gotten pulled over for speeding and will be getting a fine for just over 20 km/h in the mail, I hold a P1 riders license and a P2 drivers license, and also do not have the best record (I've lost my license for a while and had one other speeding fine before that). I was...
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    NSW How to Defend a Minor AVO Breach?

    I was arrested and court date is set one week from now for minor breach of an AVO. 1 month until the end of a two-year AVO and a two good behaviour bond. My ex has become upset at the reversal of child support when my son moved into my home. Despite orders of non-contact, we often communicated...
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    NSW Right to found lost property

    Just found myself in a bit of a dilemma and would love some assistance. I found a new iPhone X on a train a few months back and genuinely tried contacting the owner but to no avail so handed into police under the proviso that if no one claimed it in three months I could have it. Went to ask for...
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    NSW Shoplifting at Coles - Will Police Take Action?

    I was caught by security for shoplifting at Coles (last week) with the amount of $45, and they called the police. The police asked everything and wrote on his book and asked me to sign on his book. Then he gave me a NSW Police Force Penalty Notice that costs $300, and banned me to Coles from 12...
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    NSW Police Officer Defamed in Book - Overturn Statutory of Limitations?

    During my service in the NSW Police I was charged along with 5 others, with the offence of Conspiracy to Pervert the course of Justice the result of evidence relating to an alibi given at a murder trial. I was terminated and went to trial. I was acquitted. Costs were awarded against the...
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    Body armour, swords, knives shop permits?

    Hello, If a shop sells swords, knives and steel body armour (knights, samurai, etc.) , what permits might they need to make it legal? Same for a online shop, what might they need? Also what might be the costs for getting the permits or any other legal costs that might come up under...
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    NSW Section 32 Dismissal - Have Your Fingerprints Destroyed Under Criminal Law?

    If NSW police are unsuccessful in obtaining a conviction due to the magistrate granting a section 32 dismissal, can you have your finger prints destroyed under criminal law?