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A fee is the price one pays as remuneration for rights or services. Fees usually allow for overhead, wages, costs, and markup. Traditionally, professionals in the United Kingdom (and previously the Republic of Ireland) receive a fee in contradistinction to a payment, salary, or wage, and often use guineas rather than pounds as units of account. Under the feudal system, a Knight's fee was what was given to a knight for his service, usually the usage of land. A contingent fee is an attorney's fee which is reduced or not charged at all if the court case is lost by the attorney.
A service fee, service charge, or surcharge is a fee added to a customer's bill. The purpose of a service charge often depends on the nature of the product and corresponding service provided. Examples of why this fee is charged are: travel time expenses, truck rental fees, liability and workers' compensation insurance fees, and planning fees. UPS and FedEx have recently begun surcharges for fuel.
Restaurants and banquet halls charging service charges in lieu of tips must distribute them to their wait staff in some US states (e.g., Massachusetts, New York, Montana), but in the state of Kentucky may keep them. A fee may be a flat fee or a variable one, or part of a two-part tariff. A membership fee is charged as part of a subscription business model.

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  1. L

    TAS dispute over building designer fees

    Hi, I engaged a building designer/drafting services firm in Tas to develop concept plans for my house renovation, but have now been invoiced for double the amount originally quoted. Here is what happened: They quoted me an initial cost of ~$3000 for a set of concepts which I accepted and paid...
  2. B

    VIC High solicitor fees to finalise estate

    My brother passed away without a will in May 2019. I engaged the services of a solicitor to apply for LOA and Probate. I am now the administrator. As my brother had no partner and children, the estate passes on to myself and my other brother. I would like to finalize the estate. But the...
  3. E

    VIC Child support and private school fees

    Hello, My partner has had a lot of issues with his ex in terms of withholding of the children, slanderous allegations and false IVOs and police reports since their break up. All fully investigated and found with nothing to answer to. His eldest child started high school at a private school this...
  4. V

    Hidden fees in Terms & Conditions Legal?

    If a company debits me for conditional fees that were only mentioned in the Terms & Conditions, which I have clicked "accept" on just to sign up an account, does it legally bypass fair labeling laws? I was given no other indication whatsoever of these fees throughout the interaction. Would...
  5. S

    Employer making me pay course fee

    I had signed up to do a certificate IV course in my review at the company I was made redundant through in early April, they agreed to pay for me to do the course. After being made redundant we tried cancelling the course as I didn’t want to continue the course, as I couldn’t afford the payments...
  6. V

    QLD Hidden fees charged without knowledge/consent, refusing to return.

    I've recently been in a situation similar to what is explained here: Hidden Fees? Your Australian Consumer Law Rights - Legal Blog - LawAnswers.com.au A certain car rental company has hidden their change of booking and/or cancellation fees in an obscure, fine print part of their website. At no...
  7. P

    QLD Etiquette in asking for an interim itemised bill

    Hi all, I was wondering what the etiquette is in asking for a progress itemised bill. I am aware that at the end of a legal matter and in the conclusion of an action or month etc, there can be a bill and so itemisation of the bill can be done then. But in a family law situation, there seems to...