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This is an index of Microsoft Windows games.
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  1. adi

    NSW Need help with recovery order related questions

    Hi friends, I have applied for parenting order (interim and final orders) in Family Court of Australia and first court date is 21 April. My ex wife is not allowing me to meet my daughter or sending her to spend time with me since 16/02/2020. Prior to this I was having my daughter for 2 days a...
  2. RK7

    SA Can I make and sell a product under my ABN?

    So, I am planning to develop a mechanical product and sell it as a wholesaler and retail with its own unique name say ABC hardware. So, can I design a product and sell it with its unique name under my ABN which is registered under my name?
  3. G

    SA Child withheld against interim orders. No access. Issue with child care centre

    Hi.. So against interim orders the other parent is withholding our child. I've already filed paperwork and affidavits etc and have a hearing but I've been denied all access. The other parent and the legal rep have ignored all correspondence about seeing my daughter. There are no intervention...
  4. J

    WA Debt collector took to court and case was dismissed with prejudice but still defaulting after 10 years

    Hi there, I had a credit card debt with bank west n they have me no help to deal with debt n I had a baby n no money. They sold debt after terrible harassment and collector defaults every month on my credit report. I had a home loan with an account with credit card. They closed the line of...
  5. tinker23

    SA Ex-friend wants to mediate over relationship with child (not his own)

    Hi, My friend has just got a letter from a lawyer on behalf of an ex-boyfriend/friend, requesting mediation in order to be able to see her child. The child is not his, and she has an active and involved father. The mediation comes at a cost of $900 per participant, which is money she just does...
  6. M

    NSW Issues with neighbour over boundary and location of fence

    Hi, I'm hoping to get some help/guidance with an issue I am currently having with my neighbour. I moved into a new house that I had built in a new estate in NSW (under Blacktown council to be precise) just in January. To get to the point I hired a fencer/landscaper who completed the fence...
  7. H

    NSW Loan With Ex Partner

    Hi, In a bid to sever ties with my ex partner 2 1/2 years ago I transferred $2,500 to her bank account and emailed her a summary of what I owed her, including details of partial repayments to 2 informal loans. She transferred the money back 3 days later and emailed saying there was no...
  8. J

    VIC Separated for 14 years and I'm pregnant now

    Hi everyone, I was married to a man 16 years ago, and we spent 2 years together and raised a little boy. For some reasons, I had to make a hard decision to leave this man and his parents. They blocked me to see my boy, and I have no idea where they are/were. I was totally lost and suffered...
  9. J

    VIC not attending court due to leaving Oz

    I have been awarded a new job in Qubec Canada. It will be a chance of a new life and new start. I am currently in the process of a divorce and already have a CSA payment schedule. There are consent orders already made for the children so that is not an issue. My questions are 1. What will happen...