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  1. M

    QLD Communication issues with solicitor

    My ex-husband's solicitor emailed through a proposed change to our current orders as my ex is now relocating back to where our child lives. They had requested a response by 4pm yesterday, which has been and gone with no response from my solicitor. I had emailed and called throughout the week to...
  2. J

    NSW Can a lawyer charge for talking to other solicitors about your case?

    Can a lawyer charge you for frequently 'conferring' with other solicitors within their firm about your case? Can you be charged for emails lawyer sends you updating costs (when the costs have significantly exceeded the estimate)?
  3. N

    QLD issues with yellow pages advertising

    Hello Everyone. I am a sole trader, running a small painting buisness I entered into a 6 months months contract with Sensis to list my business on yellow pages for $790 per month before to purchase this advertising package, their sale person said , this package is great and it will work...
  4. A

    NSW motorcycle sold with wrong incorrect year

    Hi, I bought a used motorcycle from a reputed dealership. The dealership advertised the motorcycle as 2011. The salesman also disclosed the details as a 2011. I bought the motorcycle next day and their paper work also states the motorcycle is 2011 model. They provided rego for 6 months. Now...
  5. Mandapandalove468

    NSW Charged with Larceny, can't afford lawyer, what are my options?

    I am scheduled to appear in local court over a charge of larceny for the amount of 458 dollars in one month, I can't afford a lawyer right now. I am trying to find a lawyer that will accept a payment plan as I can do that, but it is hard to find one....I want to try and apply for a section 10...
  6. kylieo123

    NSW Boundary fence with structural damage

    Re: Fences Act 1968, Part 2, S9 Owners damaging a fence I have a fences issue with the property manager of our neighbouring terrace. We share a boundary brick fence 5m long, confirmed by my structural engineer. The fence has been irreparably damaged by a planter box on their side of the fence...
  7. P

    NSW Child’s decision to live with other pareno

    What if my son’s daughter refuses to go back to her mother she is 12 nearly 13. What action can be taken to make her
  8. C

    VIC Dog Rehomed with Written Contract Dispute

    Over 2 weeks ago I rehomed a dog interstate. I advertised the dog as trained to public access, complex skills and beginning search and rescue. Reason for rehoming is other dog to concentrate on. I interviewed the buyer for 2 hours. I was satisfied that despite having young children they would...
  9. L

    NSW Studying a degree with serious record? Is it worth it?

    Hi all, Im a convicted criminal who has turned their life around, I was always going to uni but fell down the wrong path. My interests are architecture and surveying, however I've heard to be registered as either you need to be of fit and proper character. So questions are, my offences were...
  10. O

    ACT Joint finance and ownership with expartner

    #1 Joint finance and joint registration of car with former partner. She has been paying the finance since we seperated. I now need a new car loan for myself so I need to get my name off the previous finance (car not in my possession anyway). How can I get off the finance and registration if...