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  1. P

    Resident Return Visa with criminal charges

    Hi there, Can anyone please advise the likely outcome for a permanent resident who wishes to apply for an RRV with the following scenario? "I am a permanent resident originally from the UK. I am due to reapply for my RRV. I have two Australian born children who are citizens. in the past 5...
  2. W

    NSW My options with a stubborn ex (re shared care arrangement)

    Hi all. First post here. Keeping it as concise as I can: married 1998, divorced 2011. Two boys, one about to turn 18 and the other 14 have had shared care since 2011, which has fluctuated between 2 nights/fortnight to the current 4 nights/fortnight had a blip 3-4 years ago where my depression...
  3. J

    VIC Working with children check

    I want to apply for my dream job. The employer asked for work with children to check .Problem is there are dishonesty bending charges happened during my previous employment. A stupid mistake that's never happens again. I have no prior whatsoever. Therefore police may recommend diversion. The...
  4. R

    NSW Divorce with no kids and real estate

    Hi All, I am a lot worried as I am looking to file divorce. I am a 36 year old male, moved to Australia in 2017. Been married since 6 years with no kids and real estate. I have savings of $200k, and wife has only worked for about a year since we moved here. How will the finances be split when I...
  5. A

    TAS Neighbour has built large tower with floodlights and cameras

    My neighbour has a large block of land and has begun using it as a car wrecker yard. They are continuously revving high-powered engines and the noise is very annoying. Yesterday they installed a 20m high pole, with floodlights and CCTV cameras, which is not only an eyesore as it looms above all...
  6. Jono76

    QLD Charged with stealing

    Hi all this is a bit off a long post but im stressing out bad. Last Saturday my back and shoulder were playing up so i went to have a massage. I went to the massage place up the road that i have never been to before as i have just moved . I went in as asked for a full body massage for 1 hour...
  7. IW66

    VIC Evicting a boarder with no written agreement

    In May last year 2020, I invited an acquaintance who had been couch surfing a room in my house on a hand shake agreement, they could have a room pay a fee to cover cost plus food for no fixed period however it was on agreement that if it did not work or situations change it would end. Basically...
  8. P

    NSW gst & tax related issue with ex being a sole trader & unpaid tax & Gst for 4 years

    Writing this on behalf of sister, Husband as been sole trader & has not paid individual tax or gst for four years. She was not part of this sole trader business ,has only become aware of this just after separation approx 80K ++ tax & gst 40K whilst we can understand that she has had the...
  9. A

    NSW Ordinary working hours vs actual hours worked - More than 38 with no compensation

    Hi, i was hoping to get some answers to a question i have about ordinary contracted hours vs actual hours worked. I am contracted to a standard week of 38 hours and it also states this on my timesheet under "ordinary 38 hours". The issue is we start at 5am every day and finish at 1:30 every day...
  10. X

    QLD Termination of legal relationship with my solicitor

    Hi all, I recently ended the legal relationship with my solicitor, who then tried to communicate with me by calling and emailing. I was clear in my email stating that I wish to have no further legal representation with their firm and that I would like to have my file and an invoice sent to be...