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  1. T

    NSW Endlessly needing to go to NCAT to get strata records - what order to deal with the problem?

    Hi I've been to NCAT 3 times to get orders to obtain strata records. The scenario is always the same. I ask to get specific records. These are refused for various reasons. I lodge with NCAT for section 188 and 232 orders. Following the first directions hearing the OC produces the records. New...
  2. C

    NSW Does AFP show a guilty with no conviction record?

    Hi, I have a Conditional Release Order with finding of guilt but non conviction. Would this show up in AFP check for Immigration? Thanks
  3. S

    NSW Does my ex-hunband legally have to tell me where he will be staying with the kids when he has them?

    Hi, my ex-husand hasn't seen our children for nearly a year and will get them next weekend (10yr & 7 yr old). He lives 4 hours away and will be driving to the city where I live to pick them up and stay with them for 2 nights. He won't tell me where he is staying with them. Does he leaglly have...
  4. TroutsVisa

    Can I get TR visa with Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking?

    I want to study Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking in Sydney, Australia. Just wondering if I will be eligible for the 485 (Post graduate visa after completion of this course)? If yes then how many months of visa will i get? Thank you
  5. M

    QLD Schedule 4 Medicine Was Ceased In Mail Transit In My Name With My Address

    Hi, I was approached at my place of residence today by 2 officers, not in uniform. They said that they ceased a schedule 4 medicine back in December in mail transit with my name and my address. They said that they had a caution and for me to sign it. I refused to sign it and they issued me a...
  6. JJ2022

    Do I have to force my 10, 12 and 14 year old to spend time with their alcoholic Dad and his new partner

    My 12 and 14 year old do not want to spend time with their Dad. He wants me to drop them off and make them go to his apartment with his new partner. They refuse. He has passed out in front of them, is addicted to alcohol, his partner is a drinker, they don't like her, and they refuse to get...
  7. A

    WA Does anyone get charged with Perjury in Family court?

    If someone makes extreme and provably false accusations in family court are they likely to be punished criminally?
  8. martinaH

    Creep catcher charged with manslaughter?

    Hi, can you guys help me out. Lets say a vigilante creep catcher poses as a girl online, chats to a person, and they arrange to meet in person. When they meet up, the creep catcher interrogates him and live streams the "sting" to facebook and youtube. This person becomes so humiliated, and...
  9. B

    QLD Anyone had experience with expert witness evaluations?

    Hello again , I have previously asked a similar question but i now realise i need to be a bit more specific . Has anyone able to tell me through their experience how much different an expert witness valuation is compared to a general real estate agent valuation ? Barry123
  10. M

    WA 14 Year Old doesn't want to live with other parent

    Hi. I have 2 children 12 and 14. Separated from their father 11 years ago and have had orders is place since 2013. Children been in equal care since 2015. The oldest has been increasingly unhappy over at least the last 12 months with having to live with their father. They are showing signs of...