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  1. R

    NSW Concerns with Executor and estate

    My father in law passed away in July last year and named his eldest son as executor of the estate. His son then informed the beneficiaries (his 4 brothers) that he was going to delay probate, access bank accounts not inform govt depts, etc of the death. We sought legal advice and he was stopped...
  2. J

    WA Can the police do a blood test for drugs with no warrant

    Can the police do a blood test for drugs without a warrant and when no charges have been filed, and no doctor or nurse present to do the blood test ?
  3. U

    TAS Right of way with a bridge

    I have a shared right of way with a small bridge,. the other party are demanding I contribute to upgrade the bridge and right of way for light commerical vehicles. However they have had bulldozers on trucks being transported up the right of way and over the bridge, which you can imagine are...
  4. J

    QLD Rights to see child

    I have a Dvo, I have never been done or charge, no medical references to support claim. Until child of 8years old claim being assault it by father. No real evidence, police believe child. Now I have no access and DVD still stands but to the child
  5. X

    Lawyer communicating with my ex

    Not long ago, I had a settlement done, and all paperwork was signed and agreed on. However, my ex prolonged the signing of the documents and was and still is conversing with my lawyer's secretary, putting an ultimatum, such as, if I do not revoke the DVO that was placed by the police on him and...
  6. cinnamon

    VIC Melbourne Lawyer with payment plan

    Hi. I am in need to a Family Law specialist/ lawyer in Melbourne ASAP. I am quite far into my Family Law matter since this process started in February 2020 in which my first hearing took place, therefore there is an existing history. We have interim court orders in place including an IVO against...
  7. H

    QLD Public Wi-fi with conditions

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone can help me finding laws to do with hosting public wifi in Queensland, Australia? I would like to host one, but in the conditions it could say something like "We are not liable for your actions on our network, We are also not liable for what data we share about...
  8. V

    QLD Who is responsible for removal of dwelling built on road reserve with authority from council

    We purchased a rural block in 1981 with a house supposedly on it. We paid for a search by a solicitor that did not show up any problems. In 1992 we applied to Council to raise the house and build in under as owner builders, which was granted. Council now advise that the house was built on the...
  9. J

    NSW Charged with acting as solicitor unqualified

    Under section 10 of the Legal Profession Uniform Law (NSW) (Uniform Law). For representing myself. Facts sheet states I sent a defamation concerns notice to witness in criminal proceeding stating: "We act for ******* ******"* (me) and ask you to stop defaming our client." "We request...
  10. J

    QLD Using a medical certificate to with hold care

    Hi all, as far as I understand, using illness as a reason to withhold care isnt supposed to happen less than 24 hours before handover we receive an email from OP's solicitor stating that the child has had received urgent medical care and a medical certificate (usual text but with an added...