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This is an index of Microsoft Windows games.
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  1. O

    QLD You have to have cake with that!

    Two weeks ago I wanted to purchase two cups of coffee, to have at a table, at a large Coffee franchise, which is almost like a Club, and was refused service because I refused to purchase a second piece of cake. The reason given was that everyone sitting at a table in the Café was required to...
  2. M

    Bought faulty car - with warranty

    Hi there - I purchased a second hand car in late 2019 for $13k. I bought a warranty on top for $2.5k. Within a week of owning the car, the engine light came on. I took it back to the dealer that I bought the car from and he 'did his thing' and said that he could not find a fault. I was...
  3. Curiouscruiser

    NSW Input please!!!!

    I have been charged with the above offences, but the mans windscreen was smashed when he ran me over which is what caused the pole to connect. As far as I know he hasn’t even been charged though I told numerous officers it is not even mentioned in my statement, which was taken from bodycam...
  4. S

    QLD Advice needed. Employer has installed CCTV cameras with audio at workplace.

    I work in a Brisbane city business where my boss has installed 3 x CCTV cameras with audio. We know he using these cameras to listen in to conversations. My understanding is the audio recording is illegal (as is the video since he doesn’t have signs up). Am I right to assume this and what is...
  5. A

    WA Can a Private School request to talk with DCP only as legal Guardians

    We are looking for options in regards to a recent incident 1. DCP has placed a child with us for temp time 2. Our 12 yr old foster child has slowly opened up during her time with us and talked about how unhappy she is at the school. 3. After talking with her more we have found out that she has...
  6. J

    ACT Help with getting a rental house for myself and my 5yo son

    Hi. I have a full time job amazingly still but I can't seem to get a house no matter how many houses I apply for. My 5 yo son has never lived with me as I live in supported accommodation (Ainslie Village) and no matter how many houses I apply for usually through real estate agent, I can't get a...
  7. jwelchnz

    QLD Resignation due to bullying and ongoing issues with Management

    Have resigned from my position due to bullying in the work place and the lack of support from Management. Two accusations were made by two separate employees. First accusation was that I had declared to another peer at work I was on valium in a safety sensitive workplace. This resulted in drug...
  8. mkr

    QLD Authorisation Docs / Consent for Travel with non-biological parent/carer

    In the following situation, what documentation should be given by biological parents, to allow for travel and parenting decisions? What if the parent cannot be located? Situation is: - Mother of two daughters (to different fathers), living on her own, is unable to continue caring for the...
  9. E

    NSW Is booting people offline by using a botnet or something to flood their IP address with random data and requests illegal?

    A few people keep booting me because they treat a game like it's their life and they use it to make themselves feel powerful and it's annoying. What can I do?
  10. N

    QLD please help with lost lotto

    lost lotto ticket but have credit card transation of day that no one has looked at, need to ascertain time-is there anyone that can help my no 0416439981 k