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  1. C

    SA Can I? Travel overseas with an outstanding warrant.

    Can I travel to Bali withoutstanding warrants in South Australia?
  2. S

    QLD Building contract for dividing retaining wall and fence with apportion of costs

    Hi, We are currently facing a situation where we need to replace a retaining wall and fence that sits on the boundary of our property and our neighbour’s. The estimated cost of this project exceeds $20,000. We have reached an agreement with our neighbour regarding the cost sharing and the type...
  3. Joli

    QLD Seeking Legal Advice: Issues with Recently Purchased Second-Hand CarBody

    I recently purchased a car from a second-hand shop for my nephew, and we've encountered several issues that have left us feeling uncertain about our rights and options.After just two weeks of driving the car, it began making concerning noises, similar to those associated with exhaust problems...
  4. T

    NSW selling a property with a caveat by a creditor from business going into liquidatio

    Hi Everyone, Our company has recently gone into liquidation and we were looking at selling our personal property to pay off debts personally to creditors due to there not being enough money in the liquidation . We have now found out that there is a caveat on this property from the bank with...
  5. A

    VIC Working With Children Check and prior interstate criminal history not relating to children.

    Hi, I am asking a question but also puttin gthis out there for others that may be interested in the result. I used to live in NSW and have a criminal history of shop lifting (a bag of groceries form my workplace which was accidental yet I was still charged and fines- even though my employer knew...
  6. T

    Make your CIPD assignment outshine others with the help of amazing online service

    In case of any academic problem, CIPD online service is a solution for students. Our team has the world's top CIPD Experts UK who enable impossible grades for students. Our high-quality content is the most ideal for any institute. We fulfill all the requirements provided by the institute...
  7. H

    NSW Elderly Stepfather with advanced Parkinsons wants to move a international person in to live with him - how do I protect myself

    Over 20 years ago we allowed my mum and her Partner to live in a nice property of ours in outer western Sydney for $500 a month rent. Around 10 years ago they legally separated, but both stayed in the property in separate rooms. 5 years ago my mum died, and in good faith we allowed her ex...
  8. W

    Siblings living apart - 1 child with each parent in different AUS states

    Just need advice. The mother has had primary care of the children (Two girls) since birth to present (Child 1 - 14yrs) (Child 2 - 13 years). Never been to family court. History of emotional and psychological abuse towards mother, coercive control, threats of violence. A year ago, the girls...
  9. T

    NSW Summons issued under the SSMA or the NCAT Act?

    We're in proceedings against a real estate agent which involves non compliance with a summons to produce documents. At issue is whether a summons was obtained under the Strata Schemes Management Act or the NSW Civil and Administrative Act? This is a question the tribunal said we need to resolve...
  10. ksivasub

    VIC Business offering money if I withdraw the complaints raised against them with government bodies. What does it mean ?

    Hello everyone, A real estate business owes me a significant amount $150k. Recently, their real estate agent approached me to withdraw my complaints filed against them with government bodies. In return, the real estate business proposes to pay me a smaller amount of $50k. Upon successful...