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This is an index of Microsoft Windows games.
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  1. T

    WA Need urgent help with wording an application in a case

    Hi I have completed the necessary docs and covering letter for an application in a case but it got sent back to me and Im not sure why. Can someone point me to a place where I can find out what wording is needed for the letter and orders? I am seeking to intervene in a case in court to do with...
  2. R

    NSW Private car sale with fake service log book

    Hi, I have recently bought a car from a private seller. The car seems to be in great conditional so far, however, the log book seems to be completely made up as it is not matching to any of the original Toyota service history records. I found the original service history while creating Toyota...
  3. Abhay

    VIC Air ticket issue with Malaysian airline

    Hi there- I am seeking following advice from this post. 1) Can a legal case file against my scenario/issue? 2) If yes, which court should I approach and how? Matter details: - We have booked NON-REFUNDABLE tickets with Malaysian airline. Travel dates are at the end of November 2020 and...
  4. N

    NSW Defacto with separate life

    Sorry if this is a long question but I am in need of a legal answer to where I stand. I met my partner approximately 30-35 years ago and fell madly in love and of course trust came with it as is usual. My partner had been married at 18 and him and his wife had a baby girl 7 months after the...
  5. N

    NSW Can I leave Australia with AVO?

    Ciao, ho davvero bisogno di aiuto per il mio
  6. Ptownreptoke90

    NSW Parking dispute with inconsiderate neighbour

    Hi Guys Needing help with a parking dispute so I live in a townhouse complex that has 5 units the unit I live in has one parking space that is in front of my garage and the other parking space is in front of my back gate and fence leading into my backyard now I have two cars and park at both...
  7. H

    Charged with Shoplifting and providing false information to police

    Im freaking out right now, i was just charged today with shoplifting and out of fear i provided a false name to the police. When i realised they were going to hold me for 24 hours as they couldn't confirm my identity, i gave them my real name. The amount was around $100-150. This is my first...
  8. C

    NSW My 16year old grandson has been charged with sexual assault of a minor who is 13

    My 16yearokd grandson has been charged with sexual assault of a minor who was 13 and by law unable to give consent
  9. Emily97

    WA Failure to comply with court orders

    If an ex partner was court ordered and strongly recommended to complete anger management program before spending time with a child (as result of being convicted of assault on the mother) and hasn’t complied with these orders forthwith or at all. Are you within your rights to deny access...
  10. O

    QLD You have to have cake with that!

    Two weeks ago I wanted to purchase two cups of coffee, to have at a table, at a large Coffee franchise, which is almost like a Club, and was refused service because I refused to purchase a second piece of cake. The reason given was that everyone sitting at a table in the Café was required to...