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Technical support (often shortened to tech support) refers to services that entities provide to users of technology products or services. In general, technical support provide help regarding specific problems with a product or service, rather than providing training, provision or customization of product, or other support services. Most companies offer technical support for the services or products they sell, either included in the cost or for an additional fee. Technical support may be delivered over by phone, e-mail, live support software on a website, or other tool where users can log an incident. Larger organizations frequently have internal technical support available to their staff for computer-related problems. The Internet can also be a good source for freely available tech support, where experienced users help users find solutions to their problems. In addition, some fee-based service companies charge for premium technical support services.

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  1. V

    NSW Child support 2007-2015

    When I separated from my ex we were living in UK & my children & I moved back to Australia.My ex remained in the UK & was working for an investment bank as a risk analyst & had started receiving a substantial income. For the first year due to the divorce settlement his income was about $800000...
  2. N

    SA Interim orders silent on support person present at change over.

    Not delving into too much detail bc DV and FCFCOA etc interim Orders state chage over occurs between father or his parents. Silent on his partner being there. Change over is in police station for my safety. This is stressing me out and she speaks on his behalf or his mums behalf bc she...
  3. C

    Child Support breach

    If someone is to tell another person how much they receive in child support is this a breach of privacy? No income was exchanged in conversation purely just how much/little they received to a friend. Is this wrong or a breach of privacy and illegal?
  4. B

    NSW Child support

    Hello. I have 2 children to my ex who has not worked since our separation 8yrs ago. Although he can volunteer as a fire fighter??? He has been on Centrelink benefits for that whole time. Most of his money is made through buying and selling antiques and collectables online. As such his...
  5. C

    QLD child support payment changes

    I pay my ex child support, no issue with as long as its all above board. Have for years now. We have 50% care arrangements. The child is 4 yrs old. She has recently quit her job on purpose it seems a couple of months ago. My child support payments have tripled since, even though she was earning...
  6. B

    NSW Ex has lied to child support about her income

    My ex has been lying about her income since last years assessment, telling child support her income is 12K and she is casual, when for 80% of the year she has been part time employee earning 45K and in the last 3 months went full time now earning 55K. I’d be lying if I said it didn’t annoy me...
  7. cinnamon

    VIC Child Support Binding Agreement

    I would like to know what is the best possible way to go about a Child Support Binding Agreement. I am thinking that on the agreement the CSA basic/ periodic calculations can apply and then the added non-periodic payments which includes private medical aid, private school fees (50/50)...
  8. M

    VIC GP recommendation used to justify child support?

    Interested to hear whether it's ok for a GP to make a recommendation of living arrangements (eg "I feel it is in the best interests of the children to remain in the care of...") and for it to be used as part of a CSA case to increase CS above agreed assessment? It feels off for a GP to be...
  9. manda

    WA child support

    how do i take child support to court i have no active cases the last case ended in 2016, i pay 100.00 mth out my unemployment cheque and they say i owe 11,000 plus i have only ever earn t 49,929.00 the rest of the years i never earn over 14,000 -17,000 i was unemployed from 2012 till...
  10. M

    WA Affect of lump sum on child support

    Hi. Approx 3 years ago I seperated from my wife, all assets were sorted through a Binding Financial Agreement. We had some speccy shares, she didnt want anything to do with them, so she received a larger sum of cash through the refinance of my mortgage. Now ive had a bit of luck. The shares have...