ACT Information on Mandatory Reporting Requirements for Physical Abuse?

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14 July 2016
Hello there,

I am looking into issues from the era 1984 to 1990 in the ACT, and wanted assistance in understanding the mandatory reporting requirements for physical abuse for professional (police, teachers, doctors) people in Canberra. The issue is clouded by the fact that this involves a private church aligned school, the AFP, and the fact that the ACT was not self-governed at that point in time.

Can anyone provide information on what was required for a teacher at a private school?


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31 October 2015
Wow, that's a really complicated question. The first mention I can find of mandatory reporting for physical abuse to a child is the "Children and Young People Act 1999 (ACT).

Prior to that its not clear if there may have been mandatory reporting within individual legislation for regulated professions. For example, medical practitioners legislation in the day may have required reporting if they felt a young person was at risk of harm. I hope this gives you an idea where to look.