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    WA Can I challenge a speeding fine in court?

    Hello, I live in Western Australia, and I would like to know if I can challenge a speeding fine in court? My reason for speeding was because I was driving myself to the doctor in a rush, as I was in significant pain due to a back injury (I have proof of doctor appointment for that day) I also...
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    SA Traffic law

    I was fined over 100 dollars for parking in a private car park for no longer then 5 minutes I was later issued a claim of notice to pay the parking and collection services since this is not a real fine must I pay it?
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    SA Traffic laws

    I was fined over 100 dollars for parking in a private car park for no longer then 5 minutes I was later issued a claim of notice to pay the parking and collection services seeing as this is not a real fine/penalty and a cl
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    VIC Incorrect information listed under charges on summons

    Hi, I was intercepted by police on 30/10/19 in burnley for high speed on the monash fwy on my motorbike which had a bald tyre. I received summons to go to court for 3 charges. dangerous driving, unregistered and unroadworthy. Both the dangerous driving and unregistered charge both state in...
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    NSW Options for leniency on license suspension

    Afternoon. Our son was travelling home from work today and was stopped for having his mobile phone in a cradle and using it as a GPS. He’s 28 and immigrated from South Africa in December. He didn’t realise that he couldn’t use the GPS function and accepts that’s his misinterpretation. The...
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    NSW No Stopping sign across side street

    Hi, I recently got a ridiculous $268 ticket for disobeying a No Parking sign, I was parked on a small section of curb on the main road between two side streets where there was no sign. The nearest No Stopping sign was across the street in front of me with an arrow pointing towards where I was...
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    QLD Running Red Light for Emergency Services to Pass - Traffic Law?

    This was recently posted by QAS and is also similarly listed on the department transport website but the is no reference to legislation or regulation. I have had a look and all that I have found is that it is an offence to not get out of the emergency vehicle. RACQ also states the same but again...
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    VIC Turning into Reversing Car - Who is at Fault?

    Hi, In Vic, if on the main road, a car is parallel parking and reversing, and another car at a T intersection (Give Way signed) of this road turns right, crashing into the reversing car, who then is likely to be at fault under Traffic Law? Since normally I believe the car turning right onto...
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    NSW Traffic Law Court - Explanation of Good Behaviour Bond?

    My son went to traffic law court yesterday to fight a mobile phone offence (5 demerit points) with 8 points. Walked out of court with 8 points intact but put on a 2-year good behaviour bond. Is this different to the good behaviour licence when you lose all the demerit points? I'm confused.
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    NSW Traffic Law - Query About Turning in the Bus Lane?

    Are you allowed to cross solid lines around a bus lane when you have to make an immediate left turn from a 70 zone? I thought we have to wait till the dotted line starts but that might be too late to stay in the bus lane for some time and then check blind spot and then make the turn (because of...