traffic infringement notice

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  1. G

    QLD Traffic Infringement Notice - Requesting Motorcycle Officer's Camera Footage?

    I received a traffic infringement notice for "fail to give way while changing lanes on a multilane road". It was issued by a M/C officer who was in the right lane. I moved into the right lane to pass a slower moving vehicle. I considered the lane change safe, indicated correctly, etc. He...
  2. D

    QLD Infringement notice incorrect

    Hi, I accidentally ran a red light in the city that had just turned red ( I was trying to find somewhere to park on the side of the road and not paying full attention) Anyway a police man pulled me over and gave me the relevant fine. But completely got the car wrong. I was driving a silver...
  3. J

    QLD Speeding Ticket information wrong

    Hello, I just got a speeding ticket for doing 83 in a 60. Didn't realize it wentwdown from 80 but I accept the fact I was speeding. I was looking over the ticket and saw a couple errors on it. 1st she did not write my license number or class just expiry date and country.... I am from Canada...
  4. kiwimex

    QLD Traffic Notice Infringement - Contesting the Fine?

    Just received a failure to stop at a red light offence. I have also been provided two images of the incident. I clearly remember the day of the offence and remember the traffic light going amber and due to the road being wet I have braked but overshot the line. I was towing a light trailer and...
  5. T

    NSW Traffic Infringement Notice Sent at Wrong Street - Void?

    Hi, Got an infringement notice for a no U-turn on a freeway, but they got the wrong street and listed in a residential area where the U-turn is allowed. Can the traffic infringement notice be void as a result?
  6. R

    QLD Traffic Infringement Notice After Driving Past RBT?

    I have driven past a single officer RBT without seeing him as he was standing with the rising sun behind him. I have pulled up approximately 100 metres down the road & returned to him on foot. The QLD police officer has failed to identify himself & been very aggressive & confrontational & at no...
  7. zero

    TAS Traffic Infringement Notice for Going Through Amber Light?

    Hey guys, I hope to get some help. I had a police officer pull me over and fined me for going through an amber light. When he pulled me over I was confused and a little alarmed. I wasn't speeding – I was just driving home after work talking to my wife on the handsfree. The officer told me he'd...
  8. C

    WA Traffic Infringement Notice for a Third Time?

    I was pulled over yesterday by the police and blew 0.062 I was pulled over by the police in 2012 and blew 0.08, I went to traffic law court and received a $750 fine and a 6-month ban. I had an accident in 2011 and blew 0.06 and was issued a traffic infringement notice. I have been told that I...
  9. J

    VIC Speed Fines Without Photo Evidence?

    Hi everyone, I have received a speeding fines for 15kph over the speed limit in a street near my home. I know this street does not have any fixed camera so it must be a police officer with a handheld speed camera. They send the traffic infringement notice but when I log to fines Victoria...
  10. W

    SA Traffic Infringement Notice - Fined Excluding Demerit Points?

    About 2 weeks ago, I have been charged with "Entering the intersection or marked foot crossing against a red traffic light" by two police officer, but I believe I didn't violate at all. I successfully crossed the intersection while last second of yellow light. Now I got a traffic infringement...