VIC Worked at AFP - Instructed to Make False Court Statements

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Mike Love

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25 June 2014
Hi. This happened 14 years ago, so there is the first problem.

I used to work in the AFP (Australian Federal Police) and during my first year, was instructed to lie in court and to make false statements in my AFP diary and daybook. I did as instructed, but then reconsidered a few things and quit the job. A huge saga the followed, as the other agents involved denied everything, and said I "misunderstood".

An internal investigations report was conducted, which strangely after taking an initial statement from me, never once asked me for any details or to comment on anything they discovered, or to counter statements made by others etc. The II report concluded that "the evidence supports my version of events more than the alternative" but "there is not enough evidence to charge the other agents".
BTW I was instructed to insert a "caution" in my notes that was not said to the suspect, and then follow through with this lie in court. (Some other minor evidence during an interview helped prove my story).

I have asked the AFP for compensation, but as yet they are not claiming any responsibility or admitting anything, so are refusing my request.

Seeing as it's now years on, is there any way I can claim money from them for something like "unfair pressures in the workplace?"

I heard a teacher sued his school after 10 years for stress! I know people will say "move on" - but now it's personal!

Any help would be appreciated!



Dear Mike,

Any claim you may have under common law will be contingent on you suffering loss, damage or injury of some description. Unless you can prove some kind of psychological injury that you have now as a result you have no rightful claim to compensation. Many of the statutory avenues of redress for workplace bullying, harassment etc in force today will not provide relief for events that occurred 14 years ago.
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