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    I wish to know if it is unlawful in Australia to pose as a broker on the gaming store and gaming forum of steam in which the player finds deliberate victims in which the player gives in game items which have a real world cost for an upgraded item at a later date. the victim gives consent for this trade to occur and then the individual running the scam takes ownership of the item and blocks the victim. the individual now trades this item as his/her own for money paid through PayPal. This may seem petty at most but if the individual is making over $600 through this method of acting as a broker.

    During the trade, steam has a single warning to the victim that states "you have not selected any items from ........ to offer in exchange (because you believe you will get this item back later but in an improved state) ..... please confirm you are giving this item away and getting nothing in return"

    the individual goes through a method of selecting potential targets through searching for players with less than 2 years on steam, less than 300hr in any games and of a young age.

    although there is this trade agreement, I believe it is put in to cover the company and that in this case the victim Is under the impression that they will get it back and consent to the trade with that in mind.

    This act is incredibly petty, I understand this but wish to know if its illegal as the payer has earned a substantial amount through this method
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    Even if it is, I doubt that you have any redress in Australia.
    The T&Cs of the platform will tell you which jurisdiction you have (perhaps unwittingly)
    agreed to for transactions. It's probably not Australia.
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