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Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV) is a government agency that protects and promotes the interests of consumers and is based in the Australian state of Victoria. It is responsible for reviewing and advising the Victorian Government on consumer legislation and industry codes; advising and educating consumers, tenants, traders and landlords on their rights, responsibilities and changes to the law; registering and licensing businesses and occupations; conciliating disputes between consumers and traders, tenants and landlords; and enforcing and ensuring compliance with consumer laws. It is a business unit of the Department of Justice and Community Safety.
Consumer Affairs Victoria provides information and advice on issues including renting, buying and selling property, building, shopping, motor car trading, small businesses and clubs and not-for-profits. It licenses or registers (in conjunction with the Business Licensing Authority) and regulates a range of occupations, including conveyancers, estate agents, motor car traders, owners corporation managers, sex work service providers, second-hand dealers and pawnbrokers.

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  1. N

    VIC Illegal auction

    I am needing urgent help regarding a matter that pertains to a storage company. The storage company has declined for me to make payment to retrieve my goods which they had listed for auction despite me calling to make payment over the phone as I had done previously. I called before the...
  2. M

    VIC Energy company got right to bill without my consent

    Hello, I was with Energy Australia for electricity and gas connection. one day I logged to my account and found that my electric connection was inactive. I called Energy Australia and found that Simply Energy has won the right to bill. The funny thing is I never contacted Simply energy to...
  3. B

    VIC Part of rented property not included

    My husband and just signed a lease for a rental property, during the initial inspection we asked about the workshop out the back and were told that it would be included in the lease however they had to get a locksmith out as they had no key for it at that time. Then when I went to sign the lease...
  4. S

    VIC Scammed in Melbourne Through Gumtree - Help?

    Hi everyone, As I said, I got scammed. I bought a laptop Gumtree and paid by cash. I came to the guy's house to pay and got a laptop with super glue on it (They're noticeable, but I thought they were specks of dust). I bought the laptop back after two hours and asked for a refund. The scammer...
  5. A

    Advice on evidence I can provide against dealer's Lemon car in potential VCAT hearing

    Hiya, our ute broke down last year and we were in desperate need of a new one as my partner was starting a new job as a roofer- and a work car was a must. Given our urgency and the fact we didn't/don't have much savings as we've just moved back to Australia from England, plus the fact my...
  6. C

    VIC Builder quotation with inflated prices

    We decided to build with one of the volume builder 9 months ago with a view to start building in June 2018. We had an initial budget and required custom design due to our requirements. On our first meeting, the sales consultant showed us, our dream home was within our budget including upgrades...
  7. H

    VIC seeking refund Volkswagen

    We purchased a new VW Golf in September 2016. The vehicle has been serviced as per schedule and had no issues until November 2017 when the engine cut out without warning while I was driving at approximately 60km. The vehicle was towed to the local dealership where we purchased it from. After a...
  8. M

    VIC Second hand vehicle purchased - engine trouble same day

    Hello Last week I purchased a car through finance from a private seller and on the day that I took it home, I experienced issues with the car not turning on, when I finally managed to turn it on it was jerking up and down the road and the car had difficulty getting past 50k. I called the owner...
  9. A

    VIC GOODS ACT - consumer

    John started a tennis training school in January 2015 and utilises his home tennis court in his one-acre large backyard. John’s business has grown to 50 paying school children each term and decided to invest in more facilities to better handle the increasing student population. In December...
  10. Jaffasoft

    VIC What to Do with Abandoned Property Left by Boarder?

    Hi, I allowed a mate to stay at my property and pay $100 week rent. We did not sign any formal lease agreement. After a number of months I returned home and resided at the same property on a shared arrangement. The rent had gotten behind considerably. When push came to shove there was...